Young and the Restless

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Preview: A Night To Remember!

Be ready for anything this week on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS! Lily takes her revenge against Daniel, the Abbotts try to help Ashley, and Nikki and Victor prepare to celebrate their anniversary… but will a particular party crasher spoil everything?

After coming home to find out that Daniel had cheated on her with Heather and that they’d decided to get back together, Lily was through with the pair of them and fired them both from Chancellor-Winters. Which unfortunately means that Daniel has lost control of his gaming platform. “Lucy forgave you,” Lily notes. “Heather’s back in your bed again… So Princess Luisa served its purpose. And now it’s just another game. And I own it.” Will Daniel give up or might Lily regret coming down so hard?

Y&R Daniel Lily
Lily is determined to make Daniel pay for breaking her heart!CBS

Ashley’s recent behavior has given the Abbott family cause for concern, and it appears that they’re hoping to stage some kind of intervention. “So we’re waiting for Ashley, right?” Jack confirms as Diane stands by his side. “I mean, she is the topic, isn’t she?” Traci hopes that they can find a way to help their sister before it’s too late. “I am scared to death for Ashley,” she confesses. But will Ashley even agree to seek professional help?

Nikki and Victor are all dressed to the nines and ready to celebrate their anniversary with their friends and loved ones. “Forty wonderful, complicated, exciting years since we were first married,” she marvels as they hold each other in their arms and smile into each others’ eyes. “No one can spoil this night for us.” Victor leans in and kisses his beloved wife tenderly. Unfortunately, Jordan is still lurking out there causing trouble, and this would be the perfect event for her to make a big splash! Will the Newmans come through the party unscathed?

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