Young and the Restless

Adam and Victoria Find Common Ground — and Jordan Lurks as Claire Takes Off On Her Own

At the Abbott mansion, Jack complains to Traci about running into Tucker, who wanted to discuss Ashley with him. “He claims to be concerned about her; that she’s acting erratically.” Traci learns that he’s saying Ashley wants to be his partner again in romance and business. Jack feels this is his way of stirring up more trouble with the family. Jack invites Traci to join him and Diane at the club, but she declines. Once alone, Traci thinks about Ashley’s strange behavior. Suddenly, Ashley is behind her. “Please don’t tell me that concerned look on your face has to do with me.” Traci replies, “Unfortunately, it does.” Ashley sighs, exasperated.

Ashley insists she’s over Tucker and she doesn’t have to hover anymore. Traci thinks that’s great, but apparently Tucker isn’t over her. Ashley learns about his conversation with Jack and urges Traci not to believe his garbage. Traci has to admit she’s been moody and not quite herself. Ashley fumes that she won’t let her forget that she was wrong about what happened in the café. She hollers at Traci for believing McCall over her own sister.
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In the jazz lounge, Tucker runs into Audra and convinces her to sit down with him at the bar. He tells her she’s right to be upset about this thing with Ashley, which is none of his concern. “You are. Only you. You’re everything.” Audra gawps, “Now you agree with me that Ashley’s faking her crazy?” Tucker says, “I do… after careful consideration.” Audra thinks he’s telling her what she wants to hear to get his way. Tucker wheedles, “You’re all I want.” He says Ashley’s problem is hers to deal with, and her family’s. He just told Jack as much. Tucker cannot lose her. “I won’t! What can we do to get back to where we were?”

At the ranch, Victor is hollering into the phone, “You find the woman and you call me!” when Adam walks in. He tells his son he’s going to find Jordan and put an end to her. Victor asks what brings Adam by. He says he’s heading to the east coast tonight with Chelsea and Connor. His work will be taken care of it. Victor learns that Connor has OCD and they’re doing everything they can to get him through it. He asks, “What’s the cure?” Adam says there’s no cure…but there are tools to manage it, which he’ll get at the treatment center. Victor tells his son to take the jet. Adam says Nick already made the offer; it’s nice to know they have his blessing too.
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Victor assures Adam they can come to him for whatever they need. Adam tells him that means more than he knows. Victor knows what it’s like to have a child who suffers, and there’s nothing he can do about it. Adam confides in Victor about Connor’s plight and wonders, “How do I help him?” Victor thinks they’re making the right move. “Just trust yourself.” Adam worries he’s screwing up and what’s happening is his fault. “Connor didn’t exactly have the most stable childhood.” Victor says the same was true for Adam, but he’s proud of the man that boy has become, “Of the father he’s become.”

Victoria walks in and asks Victor if he’s seen Claire. She wants him to alert the security team. Adam says she’s probably fine. Victoria says that’s not good enough with Jordan on the loose. Victor and Adam assure her that security is very tight. Adam says, “I could barely get in.” Victoria responds, “That’s because they don’t like you. It doesn’t mean that Claire didn’t figure out a way to leave.” Victor doesn’t think Claire would leave on her own. Victoria says, “I wouldn’t be so sure.”
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Michael walks into Crimson Lights and spots Claire sitting alone. She tells him she’s celebrating. This is her first time out in the real world by herself since she was released from the hospital. Michael’s surprised that her family would let her out on her own with Jordan on the loose. Claire says she didn’t tell them. Her aunt doesn’t scare her and she can’t let her control her life anymore. Michael can’t help but worry about her being unprotected. Claire says, “Duly noted. But what seems like a risk to you feels absolutely amazing to me.” She gushes, “I’m free of her!” Michael chuckles. “You are a very strong young woman, like your mother.”
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Just then, Lauren appears. Michael kisses her and makes introductions. Lauren recaps that she’s gone through a lot and came out the other side. Claire owes a lot to her husband. Lauren teases that getting to know the Newmans is a full-time job and they share a laugh. She asks what Claire will do. Claire is telling her she wants to work with kids as Summer comes in. Summer averts her eyes, but Claire calls out to her. Michael and Lauren leave, and Claire invites Summer to join her. Summer has to get back to work. Claire studies her and then asks, “You learned the whole truth about me, didn’t you?” Summer says, “Yeah. What you did to your family, my family, I can’t really wrap my head around it.” Claire says she’s not that person anymore and is getting help. Summer tells her, “You tried to kill my dad, my aunt, my grandparents… I, I’ve got to ask you… What makes you think you will ever be qualified to work with children?”
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Jordan arrives at a dingy apartment and muses, “Well, I’ve seen worse.” She opens the door and mutters that the Newmans are amateur hour. They thought they could take her down, but they’re in for a reckoning.

In the jazz lounge, Tucker recaps that he broke promises to Audra, but she stood by him. He still didn’t make her the priority he should have, that makes him a fool. “You should probably walk away, I won’t blame you if you do.” Tucker tears up thinking of his life without her. “I’m so lucky to have you in my life,” he chokes out. “You’re my best friend, and uh, I’m sorry. I don’t know what else to say. What do you need me to say?” Audra needs him to look in her eyes and say the only words he can’t say without meaning them. Tucker says, “I love you, Audra.” He kisses her hand and then her lips. She grabs him around the neck and returns it. “I love you too.”
Audra Tucker Y&R

In the dining room, Jack and Diane toast to time away from their busy schedules. Jack tells her about Tucker’s latest mind game, saying he’s concerned about Ashley’s mental health. He admits she’s behaving out of character, but she says she’s fine. “She is strong, she is solid.”

Diane hates that she got so angry with Kyle, she’s been looking for evidence that he didn’t respect her as his superior. She’s going to stop doing that. Jack relays that Kyle confessed he has had some feelings of resentment. Diane feels that’s not OK. She worries about what will happen if he can’t work through his feelings. “What would you say if I suggested that Kyle and I reversed roles?”
Jack Diane Y&R

At the Abbott house, Traci tells Ashley she doesn’t believe a word Tucker says. Ash is relieved to hear it. She muses about Tucker being genuinely concerned for her. Traci looks surprised when she says Tucker thinking he’s responsible for driving her crazy is exactly what she wanted. Traci tells her that makes no sense if she’s over him. Ash says she’s in complete control of the situation. “I have a plan.” This terrifies Traci, who wants more details. Ashely confides, “I’ve got Tucker just where I want him.” She describes how Tucker is so concerned for poor Ashley, who is weak and fragile. “What that does, it makes him vulnerable.” He’ll give her his heart and his empire and then she’ll yank it all away so all he’s left with is his sad, bankrupt soul of his. Traci worries about her getting close to this man whose so difficult to fool. Ashley’s convinced he won’t see her coming. Traci pleads with her not to go, but she walks out.

At the ranch, Adam asks Victoria if she’s considered the possibility that Claire ran off to re-team with her Aunt Jordan against the family. Victoria reminds him that all he ever wanted was the family to accept him and he won’t extend that same grace to her daughter. Adam says, “You’re right. I’m sorry.” Victoria asks why he’s being so nice. Adam sighs. He understands being protective of their kids. He should have kept his mouth shut. “Maybe I’ve learned a few things recently.” Victoria asks, “Like what?” Adam tells her about Connor’s diagnosis and the treatment program. Victoria’s sorry about what they’re going through. She agrees early intervention is key and adds, “If there’s anything I can do…” Victor appears and says security told him Claire went for a cup of coffee.
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At Crimson Lights, Claire tells Summer she told Kyle she’s doing everything she can to get better and build a life for herself… that hopefully includes working with kids. “Maybe because of the terrible things that were done to me when I was a kid.” Summer asks, “So, you were a victim?” Claire says she was stolen and told she wasn’t wanted. She’s taken responsibility for what she did and hopes to make a difference in a good way. She hopes Summer can see that, trust her, and maybe one day they’ll have a real relationship as cousin. Chance walks in and Summer makes introductions. Claire remembers Nikki pointing him out to her and Jack and Diane’s vow renewal as a hero.
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Claire gets a text from Victoria and has to leave. As she goes, Jordan, disguised as a man, watches her.

In the club dining room, Jack asks Diane if she would really give up her job for Kyle. Diane wants their son to soar and won’t get in the way of that. She asks Jack to give it some thought. Jack doesn’t think it will solve the problem. They have to find common ground to work together effectively. He won’t even consider her idea. She’s where she belongs and deserves to be.

Claire arrives at the ranch, where Victoria leaps up and asks, “Where were you?!” Claire says she just went for coffee. Adam asks, “Alone?” Claire snaps, “What do you care?” He tells her people were worried. Victoria chastises that it’s not safe and ask her not to do that again until Jordan is in custody. Victor points, “Next time, you inform your mother of your whereabouts.” Claire apologizes, but she can’t stay stuck in the house. “I refuse to be afraid of Jordan.” Victoria is proud, but asks her to promise not to take off again. Michael walks in with a potential lead on Jordan. Someone purchased a train ticket from Chicago to Houston under the name Eve Howard — she could be on the run. Victor guesses it’s what she wants them to think.
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Tucker brings Audra into his suite, where Ashley’s sitting in the chair. Tucker exclaims, “Again?! Would you like me to have you thrown out or arrested this time?” Ashley insists they have business to discuss. She made the appointment they discussed. Tucker is glad and wishes her the best. He gestures to the door. Ashley tells him, “I’m doing this for us.” Tucker says there is no ‘us’ and never will be again. Ashley thinks his response would be different if he were alone. He and Audra both tell her to get out. Ashley asks him to speak privately.

Audra doesn’t know what this is — real, fake, crazy, sane — but whatever it is, it’s over. Chasing Tucker around is embarrassing. “Have a little self respect.” Ashley looks around her and asks, “Tucker, could you put a muzzle on this yappy little bitch?” Audra lunges and Tucker grabs her. “Ashley, that’s enough. Go, now.” Ashley quirks, “All you had to do was ask.” Once alone, Tucker asks Audra, “Believe me now?”
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In the corridor, Ashley wonders, “Where am I? What’s going on? What am I doing here? What’s happening to me?”

At Crimson Lights, Chance tells Summer her cousin seems nice. Summer tells him about her working as her grandmother’s assistant whilst plotting to destroy the Newman family. Chance frowns, “That woman, just now?” Summer says she and her aunt lured her family to a remote cabin and tried to kill them. Chance asks why the hell she’s not in prison. Summer says the family went to bat for her and got her treatment instead of jail. She’s living at the ranch! Chance muses that they must have faith that the treatment’s working. Summer thinks she’s a pretty good actress. She doesn’t know what to believe. She’s not sure how you go from homicidal behavior to just a normal person in a couple of months. Summer isn’t ready to trust her cousin Claire.

At the ranch, Michael will follow up on the train ticket lead. He exits and Adam says he has to get going as well. He thanks Victor for the jet. Victor asks him to tell Connor that they love him. Victoria adds, “Also from me, Adam.” Adam smiles. Victor says, “Adam? Just remember, you and Chelsea are exactly the parents that boy needs right now.” He leaves and Claire asks what’s going on with his son. Victor says he has OCD and is being treated at a special clinic. Claire frowns, “That poor kid.” She knows the kids at the hospital were afraid even though they tried to be tough. Victoria remarks on her empathy.
Claire Victoria Y&R

At the club, Ashley watches Jack and Diane kiss and leave through the revolving door. She follows at a distance, but stops. “What is happening to me?”

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