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Sister Wives: Signs Robyn Brown Doesn’t Love Kody Anymore (Is She Using Him For Fame & Money?)

Is Love Fading? Robyn Brown of Sister Wives Drops Hints of Strained Relationship with Kody

Sister Wives' Robyn Brown, with Meri, Christine and Janelle Brown lined up behind her

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has dropped hints that she may no longer love Kody Brown. The 45-year-old was once deeply in love with her polygamous husband. She wanted to experience a plural marriage and didn’t hesitate before joining Kody’s family and his other three wives, Christine, Meri, and Janelle Brown. Initially, Robyn lived her dream life surrounded by kids and family. However, her closeness to Kody didn’t sit well with the other wives, who felt jealous and left out. Eventually, the whole situation resulted in a never-ending family feud and drama.

In 2021, Robyn faced her worst fear when Christine Brown departed from the plural marriage, prompting both Meri Brown and Janelle to reevaluate their own futures. Over the last two years, three wives have departed, each focusing on their individual paths. Christine found happiness with David Woolley, whom she now considers her soulmate, while Janelle embraced a nomadic lifestyle, reveling in van life and travel. Meri, on the other hand, found joy in spending time with friends and family. Meanwhile, Robyn found herself spending more time alone with Kody. However, recent actions suggest that her feelings towards Kody may have shifted following the events of Sister Wives season 18.

Robyn Brown Accused Kody Brown Of “Rewriting History”

Sister Wives Kody Brown montage two images of Kody grinning orange tones

Robyn said Kody is “rewriting history” by making statements about his other wives.

Robyn is still with Kody and is fulfilling her role as his wife. However, she has called him out numerous times, hinting that she no longer loves him as much as before. In November 2023, Robyn said Kody is “rewriting history” by making statements about his other wives and their plural marriages that were unknown before. Robyn knows that Kody is bitter about his breakups, but the fact that she thinks he’s making things up and trying to change the narrative shows she’s disappointed in him.

Robyn Brown Claimed She Was “Angry” & “Depressed” When The Other Wives Left Kody

Sister Wives robyn kody robyn brown making a face lavender background

Robyn only agreed to marry Kody because of the plural marriage. She previously revealed she had the chance to be in a monogamous relationship but chose the polygamous patriarch as her partner. When Christine, Janelle, and Meri left Kody, Robyn was depressed. She was also “angry,” which she admitted a few months ago. It doesn’t seem like Robyn is happy about her newfound monogamy with Kody. She seems shattered and hurt because her husband couldn’t manage his other relationships. While the mom of five is still with Kody, her love for him may have dwindled.

Kody Brown Said Their Relationship “Wasn’t The Same” After Other Wives Left

Sister Wives Robyn Brown with Kody in the background yellow background

Kody has also dropped hints about how his relationship with Robyn is no longer the same since they’ve become monogamous. A few years ago, Kody loved to show his love for his youngest wife, and she did the same. Despite polygamy, the two seemed like an ideal couple, that some Sister Wives viewers were genuinely happy for them when their relationship became monogamous. Unfortunately, Kody and Robyn are far worse now than they were before. It seems monogamy has hurt their marriage, as they complain a lot about each other.

Robyn Brown Wanted A Separate Stake In Coyote Pass

Montage of Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown, emotional

In 2023, Robyn dropped a major clue, hinting that she lacks faith in Kody. She commented on Coyote Pass, stating that she should get an equal portion of the land. If Robyn felt she would be with Kody until the end, she wouldn’t have made such a demand.

Robyn’s request for the Coyote Pass isn’t wrong, but it’s too out of place since she has always talked about growing old with Kody.

Robyn Brown Said Kody Brown Tried To Sabotage Their Marriage

Sister Wives' Robyn Brown, with Christine, Janelle and Meri on either side of her, and three red exclamation points next to Robyn's head


Robyn is disappointed in Kody and scared of his unhinged behavior over the last three years. In December 2023, she talked about how her husband tried to sabotage their marriage amid his split with Christine, Meri, and Janelle. She said, “he tries to. I have to stop him all the time,” stating that he’s no longer the man who once wanted his family to grow. Instead, he has become someone who wants more chaos, which Kody has admitted to. During Sister Wives season 18, he said he wanted to break up with Robyn.



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