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Maddie Brown Reaches Out To ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Amid Tragedy

While the Brown family is processing the tragedy of losing Garrison Brown, Maddie Brown has sent a message to Sister Wives fans. Although it is a heartbreaking time for the family, they appreciate the support they are receiving from the Sister Wives community.

Maddie Brown And The Entire Family Is Navigating Life After Garrison’s Passing

Although the pain of losing a loved one never goes away, time gives those affected new perspectives. Currently, the Brown family is facing new challenges as they attempt to return to their everyday lives. However, grief is a different process for everyone that goes through it. Undoubtedly, each of the members of the family is finding new ways to navigate life after Garrison Brown‘s passing. Amid the tragedy, Maddie Brown has reached out to the Sister Wives community.

Maddie Brown Reaches Out

On March 18, Maddie Brown reached out to the Sister Wives community through her Healthy Living Co. Instagram page. While her struggle with the current situation was apparent, she wanted to extend a “thank you” to everyone who has surrounded her and her family with love through their devasting circumstances. Graciously, she spoke about how she is navigating this new journey in her life of losing a brother unexpectedly. Additionally, she is thankful to be getting life back to some form of “normalcy,” even though they each recognize it will never be the same. In a genuine message, she discusses how grief is coming to her in waves. Undeniably, their world is upside down, but the family is slowly picking up the pieces and attempting to return to the daily routines that give bits of structure back during the chaos of learning the new “normal.”

Maddie Brown gives sweet tribute to Garrison Brown. - Instagram
Maddie Brown gives a sweet tribute to Garrison Brown. – Instagram

Sadly, losing a close loved one completely rocks a person’s world. Maddie Brown even recognizes that grief is taking a toll on her body. During these difficult times, she is trying to refocus on her goals and pour into self-care to ease the brunt force of the havoc it can reek on a person’s and family’s lives. In many ways, she is traveling through her grief reminding herself and others that it is even more important to focus on health during the hard times. Since the emotional stressor demands an abundance of energy, she is prioritizing physically giving her body what it needs to meet the added demands. Seemingly, she is very intuitive in understanding how much she needs to take care of herself during this tragedy.

Maddie Brown is continuing to focus on self-care amid the tragic loss of Garrison Brown. - Instagram
Maddie Brown is continuing to focus on self-care amid the tragic loss of Garrison Brown. – Instagram

In response to Maddie Brown’s video, Sister Wives fans sent support. Additionally, the outpouring of love is evident from the community. Likewise, several remind Maddie to give herself time to grieve and move through this unmistakably difficult time.

  • “So much love to you, your mom and the entire family! ❤❤.”
  • “You are so sweet Madison !! no need thanking for patience…you’re 💪🏾 strong and the grief will flow. Be patient with yourself and allow yourself to feel ‘not normal ‘ xoxo 😘 sending light and love ❤️.”
  • “It’s a new normal, and please take time to navigate your grief.”
  • “I’m so sorry for your heart ache. The whole country is mourning with yall.”
  • “We love you Maddie and your little family. You and Mom take all the time you need 💜.”

What do you think about Maddie Brown’s method to carry on after Garrison Brown‘s passing? Many thoughts go out to the Brown family as they continue to sort through the trenches of losing one of their members.

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