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Leon Feels Uncomfortable Around Meri Brown, Have There Been Any Controversies?

Is Meri Brown Being Shunned By Leon Too?

Is Meri Brown having a rocky relationship with her child, Leon?

Garrison Brown’s military memorial service took place a few days ago and fans noticed the family’s seating arrangement looked a little uncomfortable.

Check out the photos and see what other Sister Wives fans had to say.

Leon & Meri Brown Didn’t Sit Together During The Memorial

Over the past few years, Leon Brown has shied away from the limelight and several family members. Meri supported Leon after they came out as trans, but hasn’t posted much about Leon or their partner Audrey since. It’s possible Meri is respecting their privacy, but some fans can’t help but wonder if it’s indicative of an issue between mother and child.

After Garrison’s memorial service, many fans are growing even more curious about the situation.

Meri Brown, Audrey Kriss, and Leon Brown from Meri's Instagram

In the photos of Garrison’s service provided by the Nevada National Guard, Leon can clearly be seen seated next to Audrey and their sister and brother-in-law, Aspyn and Mitch Thompson. Leon looks incredibly devastated as the crowd bows their heads in prayer.

Meri sat on the opposite side of the aisle, next to Gwendlyn Brown and her wife, Beatriz Queiroz.

Sister Wives fans know that Leon Brown is a fiercely private person. If they did sever ties with their mother, it’s possible they would never tell the public. But fans think the photos hint at a much larger story.

Have The Other Children Cut Out The Sister Wives Star?

The status on Meri and Leon’s relationship isn’t currently known. However, other Sister Wives fans discussed Meri’s place in the family amid the tragedy.

“With Garrison’s passing, do Janelle, Christine and Kody acknowledge that Meri was still one of the kids’ [moms]? I know there’s tensions between three women but do they consider her part of the family during celebrations/struggles etc?” the OP asked on Reddit. “I just was looking at photos and Meri is still front row just looks disconnected in ways. It’s hard to explain what I’m asking. What are your thoughts?”

Some Redditors brought up the allegations Paedon and Mykelti made about Meri’s abusive behavior.

Other Reddit users wrote:

  • “Some kids consider Meri as mom. Some kids also consider Leon a sibling. And I don’t think anyone would protest a half-sibling’s other parent being present for their kid’s sake.”
  • “Meri has always been kid/family focused. If one of the kids is having an event, and they invite her, she shows up. I think all the adults respect this regardless of their relationship with her. As far as we know, she’s been at all the major events other than Christine’s wedding.”
  • “Well since Meri was included in the grieving process/funeral/memorial, it sure looks like she is still considered ‘one of the moms.’”

What do you think of the situation? Is there something going on between Meri and Leon? Do the rest of the family members still accept Meri, or have most of them burned bridges with her? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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