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“Heartbreak in ‘Sister Wives’: Kody’s Rock Bottom Is Discovered By Fans At The Casino After His Son’s Tragic Death

‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Spotted Alone Wandering Casino In Vegas

In a rare sighting since the passing of his son, Garrison Brown, Kody Brown was seen in Las Vegas. Furthermore, fans snapped a photo of him wandering around alone in a casino.

Rare Sighting Of Kody Brown Since The Tragic Loss Of Garrison

Undeniably, the past three weeks have most likely been the dimmest the Browns have ever faced. Without a doubt, it is a grim time for each of the family members. However, each one is processing the grief differently. Although Kody Brown has not spoken much about his son’s death, it is reasonable to believe he is tortured by the loss. On Reddit, a Sister Wives fan posts a picture of Kody from behind. Then adds the title, “Spotted.” Additionally, they say, “Saw Kody speed walking through Cesar’s Palace this afternoon in Las Vegas. He was literally running through the shops. Wonder what he was doing there?” Amid Kody’s grief, he was seen by fans in Las Vegas.

Fans Notice Robyn And Kody Brown Spend Lots Of Time At Malls And Casinos

While several people were quick to laugh at the frequency of Robyn and Kody Brown being at the mall or casinos, others were sympathetic. Additionally, several people made jokes about Robyn and Kody’s spending habits. Furthermore, it was an open discussion with jabs at Kody’s appearance and easily criticized behaviors.

  • “Jesus f do he and Robyn live at the mall?”
  • “For real. Gonna start calling her Robyn Sparkles. ‘Let’s go to the mall everybody!’” referencing How I Met Your Mother.
  • One fan also references one of Kody Brown’s favorite restaurants. “Maybe Salsa Bravo will hire him to wash dishes.”
  • “Cutting the Lemons.” To which someone else pokes fun saying, “Yes and he can use that knife Christine left for him….you know the kidney one. 🤣.”
  • “I thought I saw somewhere that is why Kody wanted away from Vegas because he gambles.”

Some Fans Deeply Hurt For The Whole Family

However, some Sister Wives fans realized that the Brown family was together for another difficult ceremony honoring Garrison Brown. Additionally, several sympathetically feel for Kody Brown as he is going through a world of new emotions after burying his son.

  • “So far Kody, Robyn, Janelle and Paedon have been spotted in Vegas. Maybe they’re having a memorial for Garrison for his Vegas friends?”
  • “The whole family were in vegas for the nevada national guard memorial service yesterday.”
  • “Maybe he’s getting a tie for his own son’s funeral. I cannot fathom the kind of human who would mock their activity this week. It was his kids military funeral. Maybe he needed a matching dress sock or coffee or whatever. I really feel like this comment and the entire thread under it is disgusting, and I’m someone who has snarked on them for like ten years.”
  • ” What people do while grieving the loss of a child is not snark material.”
Janelle Brown Garrison's Folded Flag Ceremony 2

Sadly, the Brown family’s life will never return to “normal.” However, they are rebuilding with those that remain. Even Kody Brown is sorting through life without Garrison. Additionally, it is a testament to Garrison’s life that so many friends, family, and organizations are paying tribute to his legacy. Drop your comments below.

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