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“Exploring the Origins: Janelle Brown’s Mother’s Decision to Marry Kody’s Father”

How Did Janelle Brown’s Mom Decide To Marry Kody’s Dad?

Genielle, Kody, Sheryl, and Janelle Brown, Sister Wives

Undeniably, the Sister Wives’ Brown family tree is a bit tangled. The immediate Brown family was large with Kody taking four wives: Meri, Christine, Robyn, and Janelle Brown. Additionally, they each have kids with Kody. Furthermore, Kody’s dad and Janelle’s mom were also in a marriage together. Undoubtedly, the history of the family line is very interesting.

Kody And Janelle Brown’s Parents Unite

On Reddit, one Sister Wives viewer brings up a topic about Kody and Janelle Brown’s parents marrying each other. First, opening the thread by saying, “Janelle’s mom.” After watching previous seasons, one user poses the question about how Kody’s dad and Janelle’s mom decided to get together. Then the user asks, “Is it ever explained how Janelle’s mom came to marry Kody’s dad? They explain how she wanted to learn more about the religion when Janelle expressed an interest and then she just fell in love with his dad, but how did she get there from being a mainstream Mormon? Where was Janelle’s dad in the situation?”

Genielle and Winn Brown, Kody's mom and dad enter plural marriage with Janelle Brown's mom, Sheryl. - Sister Wives
Genielle and Winn Brown, Kody’s mom and dad enter plural marriage with Janelle Brown’s mom, Sheryl. – Sister Wives
Layers Of Family Connection
Although the Brown family was tight, they had some interesting cross-connections within the family. Not only did Kody and Janelle Brown have a plural marriage with three other women, but they also have more levels of connection. While Sister Wives‘ primary focus is on the immediate Kody Brown family, they touch on the parents. But another twist in the family roots is that before Janelle entered the plural marriage, she was originally married to Meri Brown’s brother, Adam Barber. Notably, Janelle and Adam wed in 1988 but split shortly after in 1990.
Janelle, Maddie and little Evie with Sheryl. - Instagram
Janelle, Maddie, and little Evie with Sheryl. – Instagram

Adam Barber And Janelle Brown

On Reddit, some fans remember Janelle Brown’s ties to Meri‘s brother, Adam Barber:
  • “I think it was brought up in season 2 when they went to Y-oming,and at that time they said the same thing,janelles real dad died when she was 2 yrs old,and she said her mom went to the ranch to find out more,but Janelle was already married into a polygamist family,so I dont buy the story.She was married to meri’s brother and they divorced,so she knew what polygamy was even though she tried to spin it like meri and kody were her friends from a polygamy background.”
  • “I do remember being surprised that Janelle was married to Meri’s brother before, that’s so odd. It made me wonder if that’s how Janelle went to Kody and Meri’s wedding, as his wife. Also wonder if that brother holds any resentment if his wife presumably divorced him for his brother in law?”
How Did Janelle Brown’s Mom, Sheryl, Decide To Marry Kody’s Dad, Winn?
While Kody was courting Janelle Brown, her mom, Sheryl, had some concerns about her entering a plural marriage. Likewise, as a mother, she was compelled to find out more before feeling good about Janelle getting married again. However, during her visit to the Brown family ranch, sparks flew instantly. Sheryl took on the lifestyle with William Winn Brown even before Kody and Janelle’s exchange of vows. During a Sister Wives episode in 2013 Janelle talks about the union. “Before Kody and I were really courting, I was actually friends with his family,” Janelle recalls. “My mom was worried I was getting sucked into some polygamous cult. But she ended up meeting Kody’s dad, and they ended up falling in love
Meri, Kody, Janelle, Sheryl, Winn, and Genielle Brown
Meri, Kody, Janelle, Sheryl, Winn, and Genielle Brown
Fans Remember Sheryl Brown Being Smitten
Unmistakably, on Reddit Sister Wives‘ fans remember Janelle Brown’s mom, Sheryl was swept off her feet by Kody’s dad. Their parents were married just weeks before Janelle and Kody.
  • “Janelle explained it at some point. Janelle brought her mom to meet Kody’s family and see what Janelle was up to. Normal mom stuff. When she met Kody’s dad I guess it was love at first sight or something and they ended up getting married before Kody and Janelle did.”
  • “Janelle was visiting Kody and Meri quite a bit and her mom got weirded out about Janelle spending so much time at a polygamist compound. She wanted to go meet Kodys parents. She went, met Winn, fell inlove and then moved up there. This was before Janelle and Kody started officially courting.”
  • “It’s so interesting to me that Janelle’s mom can be divorced, hell, Janelle herself is divorced, and yet she was waffling over leaving Kody because ‘our faith doesn’t do that.’”
What do you think about the union between Kody’s dad and Janelle Brown’s mom? Do you think it is odd Janelle makes a big deal about divorcing Kody after she had a divorce from Adam Barber? Are you ready to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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