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”Sister Wives”: Is Janelle Brown’s Living Environment In Arkansas Really Happy?

Janelle Brown Living Life In Arkansas Now?

Since Garrison Brown passed away at the beginning of March, Sister Wives fans have been incredibly concerned about his mother, Janelle Brown. Many fans speculated that she might want to leave Flagstaff altogether since the city holds many painful memories for her.

After Garrison’s death, Janelle went to visit her daughter Maddie’s family in North Carolina.

Recently, the Sister Wives star shared that she was spending some time in Arkansas. What’s Janelle doing there? Is she scouting out places for a new home? Keep reading to see what TV Shows Ace discovered.

Janelle Brown Spends Some Quality Time With Her Family

Sister Wives viewers know how wildly important family is to Janelle. When Kody tried to force her to kick Garrison and Gabriel out of her home, she chose her sons. Ultimately, it led to Kody and Janelle’s split.

But Janelle doesn’t seem too heartbroken about the divorce. She frequently shares happy updates about her children and their lives.

So why did she go to Arkansas?

Janelle Brown's family from her Instagram
Janelle Brown/Instagram

Like many others, Janelle Brown wanted to see the 2024 solar eclipse in totality. Arizona isn’t in the path of totality, so she went on a road trip with her son Logan and his wife Michelle.

“In Dardanelle, AR with @_michellepetty and Logan to witness the totality!” she shared on Instagram. “I’ve had my hotel booked for 18 months!”

Janelle Brown's Instagram story
Janelle Brown/Instagram

Since it was on Janelle’s Instagram story, there are no public comments to share. However, many Sister Wives fans are likely pleased to see that she’s enjoying life. A fan spotted her in Arkansas as she prepared to watch the eclipse in Arkansas.

Janelle brown eclipse
Janelle Brown Eclipse – Credit – Reddit

Losing a child is never easy and Janelle will likely carry Garrison’s loss with her forever. But fans are excited to see her enjoy things.

The Sister Wives Star Launches A New Business Venture

Janelle Brown may be in Arkansas awaiting the eclipse, but that’s not the only event the Sister Wives star is looking forward to. Redditors discovered she’s also in the process of launching a new business. According to Redditors, the new project is called “Taeda Farms” and will be a flower farming business. Fans expressed their excitement for the TLC personality and thought that was an amazing way to channel her grief and turn it into something positive.

Sister Wives Season 19 is reportedly already filming, so fans will have to follow Janelle on social media until the premiere date to keep up with her latest adventures. Perhaps the upcoming season will also cover Janelle’s adventures in Arkansas.

What do you think about Janelle’s trip to Arkansas with Logan and Michelle? Are you happy to see she’s getting back into the swing of life? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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