Young and the Restless

Young and the Restless Preview: Lily Brings Down the Hammer On Daniel — and Ashley’s Family Prepares to Confront Her

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of April 8- 12, Jordan likely won’t be able to resist what’s coming Read on for the details and watch the video below.

Lily was rightfully shattered to learn Daniel and Heather got back together while she was out of town. Daniel tried to explain the situation to her, and it wasn’t as if they set out for it to happen, while Heather worried about her future employment at Chancellor Winters. Lily admitted to Devin that Heather was good at her job, but what to do with Daniel’s project Omegasphere, as it did make them money.

Next week, Lily gets her revenge! She says to Daniel, “Lucy forgave you, Heather’s back in your bed again, so Princess Luisa served its purpose, and now it’s just another game. And I own it.”

Ashley began to fully unravel last week, with one of her alters once again trying to steal Tucker away from Audra. Even Audra witnessed what Tucker had been saying, thatAshley was in serious trouble mentally. Ashley later snapped too, wondering why she was at the GCAC, and then not being able to account for missing time to Traci.

This coming week, Ashley’s family comes together worried about her. Jack, with Diane beside him, says, “So, we’re waiting for Ashley, right? I mean, she is the topic, isn’t she?” Traci replies, “I am scared to death for Ashley.”

Finally, dressed to the nines, Nikki says to Victor, “Forty wonderful, complicated, exciting years since we were first married. No one can spoil this night for us.” They kiss. They have no idea Jordan is sneaking around disguised as a man, but they do know she’s out there. Will they be ready to finally take her down, as she likely won’t be able to give up striking on Victor and Nikki’s anniversary.

Be sure to read our Young & Restless spoilers to find out who Jack calls for help.

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