Young and the Restless

LIVE INTERVIEW: YR stars’ admiration for Victor Newman !!!

In a recent interview, a cast member of a popular television series shared their admiration for the character Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless (#YR). Not only a fan of Victor Newman, the actor expressed a desire to portray a role akin to his.

Victor Newman, portrayed by actor Eric Braeden, has become an icon on the small screen with his multifaceted development and complex personality. With decisive actions and a strong demeanor, Victor Newman has garnered a large following and widespread admiration.

During the interview, the actor Mark Grossman (Adam) revealed Victor Newman to be one of their favorite characters on the series, expressing a profound desire for his approval. They also emphasized that playing Victor Newman would be an exciting experience, as the character can be portrayed as villainous yet consistently evades consequences.

Beyond being a fan, the actor also showcased deep admiration for Victor Newman, demonstrating respect and admiration for the character’s evolution over time.

With the richness and depth of the character Victor Newman, it’s no surprise that he has become a significant icon on the small screen, attracting a large fan base worldwide.


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