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Y&R’s Eileen Davidson Reveals Another One of Ashley’s Alters Will Emerge Soon


Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) is used to playing multiple characters on daytime soap operas.  After all, the two-time Daytime Emmy-winning star of The Young and the Restless, also played five characters at one in the form of Kristen DiMera/Susan Banks/Thomas Banks/Sister Mary Moira/Penelope on Days of our Lives.

However in 2024, Davidson is playing different parts of Ashley’s personalities (her alters) instead of five actual distinct people.  Harkening back to Ashley’s early days, the character first displayed mental health issues in the 80s. In a recent conversation with Y&R EP and head writer, Josh Griffith, discussing Ashley’s issues helped inspire the scribe to craft a story for the popular actress.

Speaking with TV Insider on her juicy new storyline, Davidson shared that it had to be, “more subtle, especially in the beginning,” of how Ashley was actually different alters without anybody knowing. “She didn’t want to tip anybody off. As time went on, they each became more assertive.”

According to Davidson, Ashley’s alters include: “Ms. Abbott, Ash, and another one to be revealed soon.”  In balancing playing each of the variances of the alters, Eileen shared, “It takes a lot of concentration. It makes my head hurt because it’s Ashley and then sometimes mid-scene, I’m becoming the alter, so I’m starting off as one and ending up as another who’s talking to someone else in her head.”

oming up, Ashley’s family will stage an intervention to try to get to the root cause of what is going on with her. Davidson explains, “That is intense because it’s at a very high decibel. It’s Ms. Abbott and she’s fighting for her life and the gloves are off.”

This week on the April 1st episode, Y&R teasers share: Ashley has a rude awakening, while on the Wednesday, April 3rd episode, Ashley makes a confession to Traci (Beth Maitland).

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