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Young & Restless Preview: Claire Catches the Eye of ‘Someone New’ — and It’s Going to Throw [Spoiler] for a Loop

Young & Restless’ Claire has barely settled in at the ranch as the Newman family’s newest member, and she’s already set to make waves in Genoa City in a whole new way!

Claire arrived in town with a dark agenda aimed at destroying the family she had been raised to believe has abandoned her, but after a failed attempt at murdering them, it’s now all water under the bridge.

Claire, who is really Eve Howard, the child that Cole and Victoria grieved as an infant, has a whole new life in front of her as an accepted member of the wealthy Newman clan, and while all the focus thus far has been on what she’ll do career-wise, what viewers really want to know is who will she become romantically involved with first?!
Claire Victoria Y&R

Well, we may be about to find out. While all signs pointed to a Claire and Kyle hook-up, thanks to her magical ability to put a smile on the troubled Harrison’s little face, a new Young & Restless teaser for the end of this week indicates that Claire will catch the eye of someone new.

Considering there are few eligible men on the canvas currently for Claire to catch the eye of, and that she’s already met Nate and Kyle, it’s not hard to figure out who the “someone new” might be… and any way you slice this, Claire’s cousin Summer ain’t gonna like it.

Why? Because the man who becomes enchanted with Claire just may be Summer’s new lover, Chance.
Chance Y&R





Not only would a Chance/Claire connection upset Summer for the obvious reasons, but Nick’s daughter has recently been established as one of the Newmans who will be “anti-Claire” given her reaction to the events in the lake house. Prior to hearing the whole sordid tale, Summer was considering Kyle’s suggestion that they ask Claire to be Harrison’s new nanny, but she did a total about-face after discovering that Claire had lured her grandparents, father, and aunt to what was supposed to be their deaths by poisoning.
Nick Summer Victor Y&R

If Chance takes a shine to Claire, it’s going to cause serious tension between him and Summer, just as it would if Kyle decides to go ahead and let Claire spend time with Harrison despite Summer’s reservations. In fact, Claire catching Chance’s eye, could signal that Young & Restless writers are setting up a messy quadrangle!

Of course, the spoiler could be a clever tease about the role of Harrison being recast, hence the “someone new”, but either way, Summer is going to be the person left with her nose out of joint.
Summer Y&R

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