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Why do many people dislike Robyn Brown?

Robyn Brown has been the most hated star on Sister Wives for years. She came into the family as Kody Brown’s fourth and favorite wife, which didn’t go over well with the first three wives, who had already made a life for themselves. Robyn was much younger and seemed naive about what to expect from a polygamous family. The TLC villain often seemed too sweet, but once the seasons started to get harder, the layers of Robyn peeled back, showing a calculating woman who wanted monogamy.

Since Garrison Brown‘s untimely passing, Robyn’s social media has been bombarded with hate. Trolls have not felt the need to hold back during this difficult time, placing most of the blame on Robyn. While I don’t think that is very fair, some haters seem to enjoy leaving mean comments for the mother of five to read.

Fans Blame Robyn

Is Robyn involved in Garrison’s death

Why Robyn hasn’t turned off her IG comments is beyond me. The Sister Wives star hasn’t posted on the grid since 2019, but followers are flocking to her channel. The death of Garrison came as a mighty blow, especially when it was revealed the 25-year-old shot himself in his Flagstaff home. Immediately, followers started to tell Robyn that she was the reason for his depression. The comments have been self-righteous and nasty at best with fan writing, “Heaven will not be opening its gates for you. We all see you for what you are.”

Another follower added, “The perennial victim with the crocodile tears. Even God can’t save you.” Many Sister Wives fans felt that the death of Garrison was the last straw and are now urging TLC to cancel the show. It is doubtful this will happen because we know that cameras were filming when Garrison passed. One last hater decided to tell of Robyn, writing, “Every single child in your surroundings has suffered parental alienation, including your own children, when you took them away from the love of their father. You destroy everything in your path!! If you don’t want people wasting their time on you, then leave public life and get a regular job. Oh yeah, us butting into your life is what pays your wages.”

Turmoil Between Robyn and Browns

Robyn has been a thorn in the Brown’s side for some time now. Between crying over the lack of bond between her fellow sister wives and manipulating Kody, the polygamous family quickly learned there wasn’t enough room for them and Robyn. Over the years, Robyn has made it quite obvious that she needs things done her way, with Kody often taking her side and pushing his own children away. There were numerous times Kody ditched his family responsibility in favor of Robyn and her five children.

The latest seasons showed the fallout between Kody and his older children, specifically Garrison and Gabriel Brown. The tensions started during the worldwide pandemic when the father of 18 implemented some pretty strict COVID-19 rules. The older sons were annoyed with the because they still wanted to see their girlfriends, so Kody cut them off with the support of Robyn. The polygamous patriarch wanted the boys kicked out and refused to talk to them. Now, with Garrison’s suicide, many are blaming Robyn for coming in and upsetting the family dynamic.

Kody Favored Robyn


It has become painfully obvious how much Kody has actually favored Robyn. For example, he uprooted his entire family from their cul-de-sac in Las Vegas and moved to Flagstaff, AZ in order for Robyn’s son to go to college. Kody never felt his first three wives were loyal enough and often punished them for wanting a bit of freedom. Kody loved to say “It’s not about a favorite, it’s about finding favor” but we all could read between the lines.

During their marriage, Kody asked Meri Brown for a legal divorce so he could marry Robyn. Spoiler, she granted his request. The family should have nipped Kody’s favor for Robyn in the bud early on. During Season 1, Kody was caught driving hours a week to see Robyn while Christine Brown was heavily pregnant. TLC cameras even caught them kissing, which was a big no-no since Kody stated he had waited for their wedding day with his first three marriages. There were early signs that Robyn was going to cause trouble, and sadly, now that Garrison is gone, most are no longer holding their opinions back.

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