Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Baldwin is mad at Victor, and Nikki finds out about Jordan

Victoria and Cole’s love may rekindle as the spoilers tease their moments together this week. Another fiery week in Genoa City is on the way, as Nikki may get back from the rehab center and discover that Jordan is alive.

Victor might also receive a warning from Michael Baldwin to turn Jordan over to the police because he repeatedly lied to them about his involvement in Jordan’s disappearance.

Cole is supposed to be working with Jack to expose Victor’s wrongdoings and they both reveal it in front of Michael Baldwin. Victor is furious at Cole for taking this ‘Jordan’ matter too far, and his interaction with Victor’s daughter may make him even more furious. There is a lot of suspense about Victor’s action against Cole.

Another major update that the spoilers tease is Nikki Newman’s comeback from the rehab center. She finds out about Jordan from everyone and gets mad at Victor for hiding her in the Newman house. Sally and Nick Newman’s conversation is also teased and it is speculated that they may get closer this week.

Nikki and Jack Abbott’s friendship makes Victor Angry

On Wednesday, we may see a furious take from Victor’s side regarding the increasing friendship between Nikki and Jack Abbott. Jack is Nikki’s ex-husband and the spoilers suggest a reunion between them but it is only on the level of a closer friendship. Victor Newman may feel that Jack is intentionally targeting his wife.

Love in the air, Victoria and Cole get closer.

Victor may take a big step against Jack in retaliation. Another major plot is forming between Victoria and Cole, who are supposed to go on a date or a dinner together this week. Victor has no problem with their relationship but he warns Cole not to interfere in his affairs.

Summer Newman may also feel sidelined after seeing Claire’s involvement in Harrison and Kyle’s lives. Summer is already struggling to co-parent Harrison with Kyle because of her business and now Kyle and Harrison are more affectionate towards Claire. We can all sense a future romance sizzling between Kyle and Claire.

Nick Newman is also expected to talk to Victoria about her future plans and she may decide to join the Newman Enterprises again. However, their conversation may also be about Victoria’s future plans for her relationship and she may confront Nick about Cole. There are many uncertainties to be cleared, which only time can tell.

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