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The Real Reason Cornelia Marie Disappeared From Deadliest Catch

The gripping saga of crab fishing in the perilous waters of the Bering Sea.

As showcased in the renowned TV series “Deadliest Catch,” has captivated audiences worldwide. Among the fleet of vessels navigating these treacherous waters, the Cornelia Marie stood out as a beloved favorite. However, when the show’s 19th season dawned, fans were left bewildered by the conspicuous absence of the Cornelia Marie, reminiscent of its vanishing act in season 13.Cornelia Marie | This is the Vessel that appeared in the sho… | Flickr

The Cornelia Marie, a legendary figure in the crab fishing fleet, commanded attention with its 39-meter stature and a rich history steeped in drama and danger. From its inception, it garnered acclaim on “Deadliest Catch,” becoming synonymous with hard work, relentless determination, and the pursuit of substantial catches.

Originally constructed in 1989 and named after Ralph Collins’ wife, the vessel saw a significant turn of events when seasoned crab fisherman Phil Harris acquired a partial share in 1990. Phil’s leadership and unwavering work ethic propelled the Cornelia Marie into the spotlight as one of the most featured boats on the show. Tragically, Phil Harris suffered a heart stroke in 2010, leading to his untimely demise, but his sons, Josh and Jake, bravely carried forward his legacy by acquiring the vessel.

Deadliest Catch' Captain Phil Harris Told His Son to 'Get Out of Fishing'  Before His Death

However, the journey of the Cornelia Marie hit turbulent waters when it was conspicuously absent from the show in 2016.

sparking rumors and speculation. Despite explanations from Captain Josh Harris refuting financial motives, the exact reasons behind Discovery’s decision remained veiled.

The vessel made a triumphant return to the series in the following season, yet challenges persisted. From encountering towering waves in the Bering Sea to being struck by lightning while sailing in Louisiana, the Cornelia Marie weathered its fair share of storms. However, amidst these trials, the vessel’s crew faced personal struggles, with Josh Harris navigating familial losses and grappling with the weight of his father’s legacy.

Deadliest Catch': Cornelia Marie Co-Captain Josh Harris On The Wild  Crabbing Life | Kate O'Hare

In a surprising turn of events, Josh Harris, the stalwart captain of the Cornelia Marie, relinquished his role and embarked on a brief stint aboard the Time Bandit, honoring a friendship forged with Jonathan Hillstrand. This decision marked a significant transition for the vessel and its crew, signaling the end of an era.

Ultimately, the retirement of the Cornelia Marie from “Deadliest Catch” was a decision fraught with complexities. For Josh Harris, it symbolized a shift towards prioritizing family and diversifying his career pursuits. As the vessel now rests in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, the curtain falls on a chapter defined by resilience, legacy, and the indomitable spirit of the Cornelia Marie and its crew in the face of adversity.

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