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“Situation Escalates Within Sister Wives”: Fans Demand Kody Brown To Apologize Publicly Or They Will Boycott Sister Wives

Sister Wives: Why Fans Think Kody Should Issue A Public Apology On Season 19?

Kody Brown started off as the protagonist of the Sister Wives franchise. But the tables soon turned, and he ended up becoming the villain of his own family show. The celeb has received backlash for his behavior and the treatment he gave to his own wives and children.

After noting some incidents, viewers have concluded that Kody should issue a public apology on Season 19. They pointed out some shocking reasons behind this idea, and the majority of the audience was convinced of it. What is this notion all about?

Sister Wives: Why Kody Should Apologize To His Family On Season 19?

The last few seasons of Sister Wives have been hard to watch because of Kody. He was mostly featured yelling at the top of his voice and arguing with his wives and kids. There have been uncountable examples of him demeaning his other half of the family just for the sake of defending Robyn and the children he has with her.

Viewers initially used to call Kody out because of his chaotic personality. However, after Garrison Brown’s tragic death, they believe that nothing less than a public apology on Season 19 would work. This is because several sources have confirmed that the departed soul took his own life while he had an estranged relationship with his father. Apparently, the last two seasons have documented his deteriorating bond with Garrison.


Fans remember how Kody went to the extent of saying, “I don’t have sons. They’re all dead to me,” during an argument with Janelle. He even called Garrison a “narcissist” and accused his sons of being “jerks.” But that’s not all. Even after Kody has already lost one of his sons, he was featured sitting with Robyn instead of Janelle during Garrison’s memorial.

Kody was consoling his only life rather than supporting the mother of the departed soul! Fans believe that this clearly is an ‘unjust’ behavior, and he needs to be held accountable for it!

Sister Wives: Will There Be A Season 19 While Fans And Garrison’s Friends Vouch For Franchise’s Cancellation

Sister Wives Season 19 filming began soon after the last edition. Many sources confirmed that the Browns were filming when Garrison took his own life. Though there is a chance that viewers will get more details about his death in the upcoming season, they believe that there shouldn’t be a Season 19 at any cost. This is because they think that the franchise has now started to affect the mental health of the Brown kids.


As per the reports, Garrison Brown texted some of the people from the crew members and sent a concerning message. This made fans think that he was dealing with mental stress because of the franchise. Moreover, while many of his friends were paying tribute to him, some of them used hashtags that vouched for the cancellation of the show. This further added up to the narrative.

Amid all this, the way Kody has treated his wives and most of the kids has made the dynamics toxic. This could be the reason why fans want the network to cancel the franchise. But if there would be a Season 19, they would be willing to watch Kody taking accountability for his deeds and mending fences with his older children.

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