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‘Sister Wives’ Why didn’t Robyn Brown’s children attend Garrison’s memorial service?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has an estranged relationship with most of the Browns. So, she isn’t really a part of all the events and tends to be selective. The same goes for her kids, whose appearance is really rare, and they aren’t easily sighted in the wild. But viewers were in shock when they noticed Kody and Robyn’s children’s absence at Garrison’s memorial.

Sister Wives: Robyn’s Kids Skipped Garrison’s Memorial

There have been several instances when Sister Wives star Robyn Brown got accused of keeping her kids “sheltered” from the rest of the family. Her children have missed some of the most fun weddings and emotional moments just because of their estranged bond with their siblings. However, when it comes to Garrison’s death, viewers feel that all of Kody and Robyn’s kids should have been present to share condolences.

(U.S. Army National Guard photo by Spc. Adrianne Lopez.)(Photo used tonal adjustments to enhance subject.)

But it appears that Robyn’s children ended up missing another important event of their family, Garrison’s memorial. Apparently, the Nevada National Guard recently organized a memorial for the departed soul at the Clark County Armory. Several soldiers from the 1st Squadron and 221st Cavalry gathered along with almost every Brown member except Robyn’s kids.

A Reddit thread recently started, and it was pointed out that none of Robyn’s children were featured in the photos. The OP stated, “I don’t see any of them in any of the pictures.” Several Sister Wives viewers wondered what could be the reason behind their absence. A user predicted that perhaps the noted kids have “no connection” with the outer world and they “need help.”

Another fan added, “Robyn shelters her children from everything and anything.” While viewers were slamming Robyn, some of them explained about the chances of the star kids being present in the memorial but not getting clicked. Apparently, it is possible that the matriarch didn’t want her children’s pictures to surface on the internet and made them sit somewhere else.!

Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Sat In The Front Row At Garrison’s Memorial

Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn didn’t have a great bond with Garrison during his last days. The latter had issues with his father since the Covid phase. Yet Kody made it a point that he was present for his son’s memorial. He sat next to Robyn in the front row while viewers wondered why he didn’t choose to be beside Janelle at this point in time. However, as per the pictures, it appears that the celeb attended the entire event.


While Kody appeared to be really sad, Robyn was sobbing in several pictures. She had tears in her eyes while her husband tried to calm her down. The celeb even wore a floral gown and joined the Browns, who were paying tribute to Garrison by wearing floral prints. Hence, viewers were happy to know that this couple at least showed up at the memorial.

Besides this, some of the emotional moments of the day include Janelle receiving a folded flag. The soldiers gave her a flag in memory of her son while she hysterically wept. Hence, it is evident that this was one of the toughest moments that the Browns ever faced!

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