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‘Sister Wives’ Season 19: Janelle will reveal Garrison’s wonderful legacy. The pain has been healed

Amid the horrific loss of her son, Garrison Brown, Janelle Brown has shared something beautiful that is coming from the tragedy. While everyone is still processing the terrible loss of Garrison, generous donations are providing a sweet avenue for his legacy to carry on.

Garrison Brown’s Legacy Continues

Although Garrison Brown’s strong mom, Janelle Brown, must be carrying a heavy burden in the loss of her son, she is still sharing details about good. While no one wishes this situation on anyone, it is heartwarming to see the Sister Wives community rallying around the family to show love in the unimaginable tragedy. Each demonstration of love and support for the family is a testament to the bonds they have made. Garrison is known for his deep caring heart and his legacy will continue even after death. Furthermore, his compassion, laughter, and unconditional love were seen in the life he lived, and those who knew him want to see it live on.

In Loving Memory of Garrison Brown. - Instagram
In Loving Memory of Garrison Brown. – Instagram

In Loving Memory

On March 13, Janelle Brown shared a post on her Instagram page that shows a truly remarkable outpouring of love. As an illustration of support, High County Humane posted a beautiful tribute to Garrison Brown. In his loving memory, significant donations are being made to aid the shelter.

Garrison Brown's Cats: Catthew, Patches, and Ms. Buttons. - Instagram
Garrison Brown’s Cats: Catthew, Patches, and Ms. Buttons. – Instagram

Recognizing Garrison’s passion for caring for people and cats alike, the shelter will be able to provide for more than 150 homeless animals with generous donations of close to $13K. Additionally, they will present a plaque to Janelle representing Garrison’s life legacy. Furthermore, they will honor Garrison and his cats, Catthew, Patches, and Ms. Buttons by naming the shelter room after them.

Garrison Brown Leaves A Hole

In response, many of the Sister Wives community added to the support for Janelle Brown and the entire Brown family. Undeniably, Garrison Brown has made a great impact in his short twenty-five years of life. Without a doubt, his absence is already apparent.

  • “Janelle you raised such a caring son. He was obviously so caring, and sweet and kind hearted.”
  • “I’m so so sorry for your loss. I think we all came to know and love garrison watching the show, my heart broke for you knowing how dedicated you were to him and your other kids. Praying for you 🤍🫶🏻.”
  • “Wow what a legacy! Everyone deserves to have the love of a feline overlord! 😭😭 I have loved this show for so long this is such a beautiful impact from all of the connecting the brown family has done all these years.”
In honor of Garrison Brown. - Instagram
In honor of Garrison Brown. – Instagram

Through this tragedy, may the Browns continue to feel the love and support from the Sister Wives community. Additionally, may Garrison Brown’s legacy carry on with a reminder of his compassion, laughter, and unconditional love for others.

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