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Sister Wives: Garrison Brown’s Death Will Change Robyn (How She’ll Be Different)


  •  Robyn Brown may regret pushing the other wives away, affecting her relationship with Kody.
  •  The Browns need each other now more than ever amid existing resentments and rifts.
  •  Robyn Brown may feel the price of fame is too high as internet cruelty worsens post-tragedy.
  • The shock over the tragic death of Garrison Brown continues to reverberate through the Sister Wives universe, and Robyn Brown will never be the same. When the series first premiered in 2010, Kody was married to his first three wives: Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown. Kody, his three wives, and their 12 children all lived in one large house in Utah, with each wife having her own wing where she lived with her children. Everything changed when Kody moved the Brown family out of Utah and to Arizona, in fear that the state would prosecute him for polygamy.

During Sister Wives season 1, Kody married his fourth wife, Robyn, and moved the Brown family out of Utah and into four separate homes in Las Vegas. This divided the family and Kody’s time, leaving less time for each of his wives and children. COVID-19 divided the family even further, exposing the existing resentments and rifts within the family. In stark contrast to the first season, Sister Wives season 18 found Kody divorced from his first three wives and in a monogamous relationship with Robyn. Despite their issues, Robyn loves Garrison and is devastated by his death.

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Robyn Brown May Regret Pushing The Other Wives Away

The Browns Need Each Other Right Now

During Sister Wives season 1, the Browns were planning Kody’s wedding to Robyn, so Robyn and her Sister Wives went wedding dress shopping. They had a lovely afternoon together and bonded. Meri, Christine, and Janelle were so moved that Robyn wanted them involved in her special day. However, Kody ruined the bonding moment when he revealed he had gone back to the bridal shop with Robyn and selected her dress himself. This was the perfect encapsulation of the way Robyn pushed Kody’s other wives away over the years since marrying Kody and joining their family.

Over the years, Robyn has destroyed her relationship with Christine and Janelle.

Robyn had Meri for a while, but Meri finally got the confidence to leave Kody. Now, Robyn, who joined the Brown family in large part because she wanted the full plural family experience, is stuck in an accidentally monogamous relationship with Kody. In the devastating aftermath of Garrison’s tragic death, Robyn probably wishes she could mourn with the rest of the Brown clan instead of being isolated from most of the family.

Robyn Brown May Find That The Price Of Fame Is Too High

The Internet Can Be So Cruel

Sister Wives: Garrison Brown Gets A Heartwarming Welcome Home (Clip)

Robyn was driven off social media by mean comments, but that hasn’t stopped some Sister Wives fans from continuing to go after Robyn on old Instagram posts. Kody’s fourth wife has often drawn the wrath of fans, who have blamed her for bringing about the demise of the Brown family. Robyn’s Instagram comment section has always been a dumpster fire, but things have become worse since Garrison’s death. Fans have taken to Robyn’s old Instagram posts to blame her for Garrison’s death, which is unfair, in addition to being unkind.

Fans of Sister Wives need to remember that Robyn is grieving a profound loss and deserves grace.

Regardless of how people feel about her behavior, and despite their problems over the years, Robyn loved Garrison. During one episode of Sister Wives season 11, Garrison is seen coming home from being away with the National Guard and is welcomed home by his family. In the above clip, Robyn is one of the first people to enthusiastically welcome Garrison home, and her love for him is easy to see.

Robyn Brown Might Miss The Exes

She’s Stuck With Kody

Robyn may have thought she wanted Kody all to herself, but now that she has found herself in a monogamous relationship with him, it may not be what she thought it would be. Kody is moody and has always needed an enormous amount of attention. Four women struggled to manage Kody’s emotional needs. Now, it’s all on Robyn, and, especially with Kody grieving, she may want the support system she used to be able to rely on before the other wives left. Though they had problems, she may prefer that to being alone with Kody.

Wife Married Divorced Children
Meri Brown 1990 2022 1
Janelle Brown 1993 2022 6 (1 deceased)
Christine Brown 1994 2021 6
Robyn Brown 2010 5 (3 from previous marriage)

Robyn Brown May Feel Depressed

These Are Dark Times For The Family

Sister Wives Kody & Robyn looking miserable

Robyn married into the Brown family in 2010, so she has known Garrison for most of his life. She watched him grow up alongside her own children and always had a warm relationship with him. Like the rest of the Brown family, Robyn is undoubtedly devastated by Garrison’s death. The last few years have been especially difficult for the Browns, with COVID-19 dividing the family and three consecutive divorces tearing the family apart. The last few years have likely taken a toll on Robyn and her mental health.

When Robyn first joined the Brown family, she had envisioned she would be happy with Kody and her Sister Wives for the rest of her life. She had dreamed of her children growing up alongside their many siblings, always surrounded by love and support. Now, Robyn’s dream has been shattered, and Robyn likely wishes she could turn back time and do things differently. These feelings of depression and regret may affect Robyn’s relationship with Kody one day in the future.

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