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“Sister Wives family tensions rise: Kody’s ”serious” behavior at Garrison’s Wives Memorial Service”

Sister Wives: Kody Spotted Being ‘Standoffish’ At Garrison’s Memorial

Kody’s relationship with Garrison deteriorated during the COVID-19 phase. Their strained bond continued until the latter ended up taking his own life. Hence, Sister Wives star Kody is now merely left with the memories of his son and is currently mourning his untimely death.

Amid all this, viewers saw Kody being ‘standoffish’ during Garrison’s memorial. He behaved in a strange manner amid his estranged relationship with Janelle and other kids. What did he do? How did Kody deal with the Browns during Garrison’s memorial?

Sister Wives: Kody Was Was ‘Standoffish’ At Garrison’s Memorial

Sister Wives star Garrison Brown is no longer in this world, and Browns aren’t able to get over his demise. They recently laid him to rest, which was followed by a memorial organized by the Nevada National Guard. Almost every member of the Brown family, along with Kody and Robyn, attended the ceremony and honored Garrison.

Kody and Robyn sat in the front row, while the former wasn’t featured, sitting with Janelle. His estranged relationship with others was evident from the pictures, which soon started to surface on the internet. A source even claimed, “Kody was standoffish. He was more resistant in mingling.” It even revealed that Robyn had encouraged Kody to sit beside Janelle!


The insider explained how the dynamics weren’t really good for Robyn because many family members still have “resentment” towards her. Hence, the reunion ended up becoming “awkward.” Yet the Browns chose to come together, and they “supported each other” during this tough phase.

This reunion didn’t have any kind of “fighting” or “anger.” TheSun even confirmed that Kody “manned up” and was “vulnerable” with none other than Christine’s husband, David Woolley. That is why the insider said that it was an “interesting family dynamic.” Apparently, Garrison’s memorial had “some angry people” who were accompanied by “happy people” and several family members who were neutral.

Sister Wives: Brown Family Came Together For Garrison’s Sake & Paid Tribute To Him

Almost every member of the Brown family member came under the same roof because of Garrison. This came after they had had a long list of issues in the past. However, the source confirmed that there wasn’t any kind of argument between the family. It revealed, “It was just like, ‘Let’s focus on Garrison type of thing.”


The insider continued, “It really wasn’t about any ill-will feelings towards each other.” Moreover, their main focus was to honor Garrison at any cost. Many of them even wore floral print outfits to pay tribute to the departed soul’s company of Hawaiian clothing. The source revealed that this effort was actually a “sentimental thing between the kids.”

Even after all this, it appears that everything wasn’t like before. As per the insider, there’s “more work” that the Browns need to do to mend fences with each other. It pointed out how Kody needs to do a lot to repair his bond with his kids. However, he isn’t able to think about anything else because he is still processing Garrison’s demise and is mourning the loss. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for the latest Sister Wives tea.

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