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(Shocking news) Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shares Nostalgic Throwback of Garrison Amidst Conflicts with Paedon, Christine & Janelle

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is commemorating the life and mourning the loss of the late Robert Garrison Brown. The Brown family has shared their lives on the reality series for the past 14 years. Meri was the first wife of Kody Brown, and she served as a mother figure for Christine and Janelle Brown’s children. Tension among the family grew after Kody married his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Meri has been very supportive of Kody and Robyn throughout the years, while Kody arguably destroyed the Brown family.

Though they’ve clashed throughout the years, the Brown family came together after Janelle’s son Garrison tragically died. Since his passing, Meri has utilized social media to share her condolences for Garrison’s passing. Meri recently posted a throwback picture with Garrison, sharing how upset she was about his passing. Sister Wives fans have defended Meri amid the hate she’s received for using social media to mourn his death. Meri has been grieving the loss of Garrison, but she’s had conflicts with Christine Brown’s son, Paedon Brown, and former sister wives Christine and Janelle in the past.

Meri’s Throwback Of Her & Garrison Brought Her To Tears

She Found The Photo By Accident

Meri cried after finding a throwback picture of Garrison following his death. She has been very open about her grieving process on social media. Meri came across the photo, which was from 2018, randomly when she was searching through her camera roll. “A photo I didn’t remember I had, and one that I will forever cherish,” she wrote. “Seeing it immediately moved me to tears, a testament of the love I have for him, the pain of the loss of him. It’s a reminder that grief comes in unexpected waves, memories of the moments with him all that remains.”

In Sister Wives, the relationships in the Brown family seem very fractured. Meri’s posts on social media show an endearing, loving side to the family that viewers haven’t seen on Sister Wives in years. The loss of Garrison has shocked the Brown family, and it’s nice to see them celebrate their memories with him from over the years. “Four weeks today without him here with us,” Meri continued in the caption, adding, “A lifetime of memories to hold sacred.” While Meri’s active online, she’s been careful to respect her family’s privacy at this difficult time.

Meri hosts regular “Fridays with Friends” lives on Instagram, where she interacts with Sister Wives fans. Meri hosted a live with her friend Jenn Sullivan on March 16, which was roughly one week after Garrison had passed. During the live, Meri told fans she was not going to address comments relating to her family. “If I talk about it, I’m gonna cry,” she shared, adding that she would not be going into “any detail” of Garrison’s death in respect for Janelle and the rest of her family.

Meri Brown Was Accused Of Abuse By Paedon Brown

He Has Been Open About Their Relationship

Christine’s son, Paedon, has accused her of abuse. During a YouTube live with John Yates, Paedon opened up about his experience being raised by Meri. In response to a comment about Meri potentially being “abrasive and kind of mean,” Paedon confirmed these claims. “Abrasive and kind of mean are not strong enough words, they are not aggressive enough words,” Paedon said, adding how “Meri was not nice… Abrasive is not enough of a word to explain what Meri was to a few of us children specifically.” Paedon also added that the “abrasive” acts “move[d] so far past verbal.”

During the YouTube live, Paedon referenced a fight that began between Janelle’s daughter Maddie Brown and Meri in 2019 on Twitter, but the tweets have since been deleted. However, Soap Dirt posted screenshots of Maddie’s tweets about Meri that read, “Try being scared of someone your whole f***ing life and she plays like she’s the one whose [sic] hurting! She was a monster!” Paedon agreed with Madison’s claims. “I can reiterate what Madison said about Meri,” said Paedon, adding, “No, we were never safe around her.” Paedon went on to say that Robyn opened their eyes to Meri’s behavior.

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