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(Shocking news) Kody Brown having an affair?

Kody Brown, Sister Wives

Recently, Sister Wives fans spotted clues making them believe Kody Brown was having an affair. During his time living in a plural family, fans think that Kody wasn’t truly being faithful.

Kody Brown Shows Signs Pointing To An Affair

While Kody Brown was in the plural marriage, fans believe he was dishonest with Meri, Christine, and Janelle Brown with his sideskirting actions with Robyn Brown. From the beginning, the original three wives knew something was up and Kody seemly was doing shady things. Although they were in a covenant with each other, the benefits were not equal with each wife once Robyn was in the picture. Essentially, his relationship with Robyn was built on cheating the other wives out of affection and showing favoritism to her. Which ultimately unraveled the family in the end.

Actions In Question

On Reddit, a Sister Wives viewer brought up the topic of Robyn and Kody Brown. Saying, “Robyn & Kody marriage.” Then continues the thread bringing up clues of Kody’s infidelity. Continuing the user says, “Since the beginning Kody & Robyns whole relationship has been an affair. They snuck around on the other wives. Pretended he was equally splitting time, commitment and affection. Robyn constantly complained her kids were mistreated and demanded more. When in reality they got everything.”

Robyn and Kody Brown sneaking a kiss. - Sister Wives
Robyn and Kody Brown sneaking a kiss. – Sister Wives

Furthermore, the fan says, “So my question is now that it’s over, now that there are no other wives to complain about, no other kids to compare too. Will the excitement end? What will Robyn b*tch about next? She got it all. In her eyes. For now lol.”

Other Fans Add To The Discussion

After the initial Reddit poster started the conversation, other Sister Wives fans added to the discussion.

  • “When he becomes disinterested, he will blame her for EVERYTHING.”
  • “💯 he is such a misogynist that it will never be his fault. He is a consummate victim.”
  • “I’m very concerned that he will blame her for his estrangement from Garrison. I don’t like the woman, but I’m sure Kody can be terrifying when angry.”

Fans Call Out Kody Brown

While oftentimes suicide has many heavy factors leading to the action, it leaves everyone searching for explanations. After calling out Kody Brown for being the driving force behind Garrison Brown‘s suicide, other Sister Wives viewers added their two cents.

  • “They’re both at fault for the estrangement. Her for the rules and the kids are scary crap she pulled at Christmas and him for going along with her. Her anger is likely as bad as his though. There’s been a few pics posted where her jaw is clenched, arms crossed and a very pissed off look on her face.”
  • “I’m moreso afraid he’ll double down on blaming Christine & Jenelle for the estrangement. But who knows. What we DO know is that it’ll always be someone else’s fault and never his.”
  • “He will blame each of his wives, then turn to each of his kids. He won’t ever take ownership of his role in anything.”

Where Is Robyn And Kody Brown’s Relationship Heading?

While TLC hasn’t said what the next season of Sister Wives will entail, Christine Brown and an insider confirm they are filming. Some fans took the conversation into what will happen next for Robyn and Kody Brown.

  • “I think he’ll be on the prowl for his next bride.”
  • “I suspect he is already starting to do that. For a while he was directing so much anger toward the other wives as they each left, but now they’ve been apart for a while. Robyn’s around, so she’s probably going to be more of a target for it.”
Kody Brown Kisses Robyn Brown [Credit: YouTube]
Robyn and Kody Brown – YouTube
  • “I’ve wondered this too. the dynamic of their relationship has certainly changed a lot. not only do the other ladies not care anymore – but they seem happier than ever too. like a weight had been lifted from them. I’m guessing there is a lot of anger and resentment from both K&R now that they can’t play games anymore.”
  • “It was exciting to be the new wife, the favorite wife and later the only legally married wife. The pattern is in the competitive dynamic. Now, as the ‘only’ wife, the thrill is gone. Not much fun when you land in that position by default.”
Robyn doesn't seem as happy. - Sister Wives
Robyn doesn’t seem as happy. – Sister Wives

What do you think about Robyn and Kody Brown’s relationship? Do you think they were essentially having an affair inside the constructs of polygamy? Are you ready to see more Sister Wives episodes? Drop your comments below.

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