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(Shocking News): Kody Brown had plastic surgery to look better after divorce? Sister Wives Season 19

Kody Brown’s latest look

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been a part of the reality TV realm for a while now. Since 2010, he has been under the supervision of eagle-eyed fans. Hence, they have noticed each and every change that came into his life. Apparently, it is evident that the celeb’s lifestyle and dynamics have completely changed now. But amid all this, some viewers noticed the drastic difference that came in Kody’s look. They couldn’t believe their eyes as he had started to look like a completely different person now! Did Kody undergo the knife to look better and hide signs of aging?

Sister Wives: Did Kody Brown Undergo Cosmetic Treatment To Hide Signs Of Aging?
Kody Brown is one of the most controversial humans alive. His lifestyle and his books have been the subject of intense scrutiny. Initially, the Sister Wives celeb’s “ramen noodle” hair created several controversies. But it is evident that there have been several instances when Kody tried to look more appealing and youthful by changing his hairstyles and opting for new looks. However, now it seems that he is even going under the knife to maintain his appearance and hide signs of aging. Recently, a Reddit thread started and discussed all the possible treatments that Kody might have gotten!

The Reddit thread discussed how Kody now has fuller lips and the possibility of him having “lip fillers.” Even his cheeks are also now a bit uplifted as compared to his previous appearance. The OP almost pointed out his eyes. Apparently, Kody is 54 and still doesn’t has crowfeet around his eyes. Hence, there is a fair chance that he might have got “Botox” treatment around his eyes. A user claimed that the patriarch initially had “hooded eyes,” but now he has a well-defined crease. So “eyelid surgery” is something he could have undergone. Another Sister Wives viewer added that perhaps Kody altered his jawline as well because now it is really well-defined!

Sister Wives: Is Kody Trying To Look Good For His Future Wives?
The popular celebrity Kody Brown used to be an advocate of polygamy. But as per the current scenario, he is with Robyn in a monogamous marriage after three of his Sister Wives left him. Hence, several reports and sources have claimed in the recent past that now the celeb is looking for new spouses. Apparently, fans also feel that Kody was a proud polygamist and was habitual of that lifestyle. He was born and raised with the same mindset. So, there is a fair chance that even after facing three consecutive divorces, he would now think of bringing in new wives

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