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Revealing Victor Newman’s youthful and restless weddings – All 14 of them

victor newman's weddings Y&R

Victor Newman’s good at getting married. Staying married is another story.

Victor Newman is a titan of business on The Young and the Restless, but if he ever decided to do a complete 180 with a new career, we have just the thing for him: a wedding expert! Victor has tied the knot (in one form or the other) no fewer than 14 times – though, admittedly, sometimes to the same women. Here’s a quick trip down that long aisle to the altar for “The Mustache,” complete with all the women he’s loved, and lost, or divorced, or who died…


Julia Newman

Julia Newman (Meg Bennett) was already married to Victor when they both arrived on the scene in 1980. She was a Jabot model who came with him to Genoa City as he ran Chancellor Industries. After falling in love with different people, the pair eventually split in 1981.

Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed (Melody Thomas Scott) has been married to Victor four times: 1984, 1998, 2002 and 2013 – meaning they’ve married once a decade for the last several decades (watch out, 2021 is rolling around any day now!) The former stripper and the businessman tied the knot initially in The Colonnade Room, and shared a first dance to the song Through the Eyes of Love. Nikki’s bouquet landed in Ashley’s arms … which turned out to be a not-so-great harbinger of future wives to come. Victor and Nikki’s first wedding, which originally aired on April 13, 1984, was recently re-run on April 3, 2020. The two parted and came back together in 1998 when he married her again on what was supposed to be her deathbed. (Alas, he was still married to Diane at the time.) Once the dust settled – Nikki lived, Victor got divorced for real, they remarried at The Colonnade Room again in 2002 and it lasted six years before ending in divorce. The pair timed their most recent wedding to an auspicious occasion: the 40th anniversary of Young and Restless, in 2013 – making it 12 weddings for Nikki and 14 for Victor!

Leanna Love Randolph

Leanna “Love” Randolph (Barbara Crampton) was a reporter who wrote an expose about Victor, but, unaware that she was the author, they flew by private jet to Las Vegas and married in October 1988. Alas, as Nikki revealed the following year, the marriage was invalid: Victor and Nikki were still, technically married.

Victor, Douglas, Leanna wedding Young and Restless

Ashley Abbott

Amnesiac Ashley Abbott (Brenda Epperson) was discovered by Victor and brought back to Genoa City; they had an affair and Ashley became pregnant. Nikki was diagnosed with cancer, so Victor left Ashley (who then had an abortion) but in the end, they married in 1990.  The second time around, Ashley was played by Eileen Davidson, who helped Nikki track down a missing Victor in Paris. They reunited and she became pregnant – which surprised her.

Hope Adams

Hope Adams (Signy Coleman) met Victor while he was trying to escape his life in Genoa City, saving the blind woman from a rapist. They bonded on her farm in Kansas, and ultimately returned to Genoa City to marry – but Nikki crashed the wedding. Too late! They married anyway, in 1994. Victor’s idea that Hope’s baby might also be blind and therefore should be aborted didn’t go over well, so she left to raise Victor Jr. (Adam) on her own, and they divorced in 1995.

victor visits hope in Kansas young and restless

Diane Jenkins

Victor initially decided to exact revenge on Jack (Peter Bergman) by seducing Diane Jenkins (Alex Donnelly) away from him – but then he fell for Diane and the pair wed in Nevada before honeymooning in Greece. They were having troubles when Nikki took to her deathbed and Victor chose to wed Nikki, even though he and Diane weren’t officially divorced. Afterward, though, the divorce came through. The second time the pair wed, Maura West was playing Diane, who started hanging out with Victor to work on the Newman Ranch. They fell for one another again, and eloped in 2011. Alas, the marriage ended in an annulment when Nikki stepped into the picture again.

victor and diane as maura west yr

Sabrina Costelana

Art curator Sabrina Costelana (Raya Meddine) was living in Paris when she met Victor’s daughter Victoria, and ultimately came to Genoa City in 2008 to visit her pal. Victor said he’d open an art gallery for her – and they began a relationship. They married after she said she was pregnant, on June 20, 2008. Alas, after a car crash she required a liver transplant to live – and couldn’t get one in time. She died, and Victor made sure he was the only attendee at her funeral.

Meggie McClain

Do not mess with Victor! Alas, in 2010 bartender Meggie McClain (Sean Young) didn’t get the memo. She schemed to drug Victor, fly to Las Vegas and marry him – then cause his death from a sexual enhancement drug reaction (his new heart wouldn’t be able to take it). But Victor discovered the plan and said he’d tricked her into confessing. She went to jail, and that Las Vegas marriage was X’ed out of the books.

victor and meggie vegas wedding Y&R

Sharon Collins Newman

One of Victor’s weirdest unions was with his daughter-in-law, Sharon Collins Newman (Sharon Case). She’d married his sons Nicholas and Adam in the past, and they did not really have a romantic relationship – until 2012, when he decided to marry her to protect his assets while he was in jail. But then they did become romantic. Victor went missing and was presumed dead, so she held a memorial service for him – but he turned up and threw her out, annulling their marriage.

victor and sharon wedding Y&R


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