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Reflecting on ‘Double the Fun’ Moments: Celebrating the 18th Birthdays of Days of Our Lives Star Eric Martsolf’s Twin Sons

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPIOn April 7, 2006, a Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor’s family grew by two.

Three Times the Smiles

In one of Martsolf’s earlier photos with his boys, it’s clear where Chase and Mason get their sweet smiles from.

Clowning Around

Team Spirit

And whether or not the Spartans are their favorite team, at least they are on the same side of the cheering section!

Sitting on top of what looks to be a couple of motorcycles, side by side, while racing through a virtual street, seems like the perfect way to unwind with your twin bro.


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Monkeying Around

Or, like their father shared, “hanging around,” Chase and Mason were grinning from ear to ear while playing on the monkey bars.

You may be able to relate… “Parents,” Martsolf addressed. “Remember when we refused to cut our kids’ hair?”

Standing at Attention

But things changed over the years… Martsolf gave a glimpse of what it looked like years later when dad said, “Time to get [your] hair done.” While one of the boys took the task very seriously, the other couldn’t help but let a little grin shine through.

With their arms around each other’s shoulders, and the sun setting in the background, here’s a beautiful shot of the boys during a family trip to Hawaii.

Man Time

And during another trip they were “having absolutely zero fun” at Lake Las Vegas with their dad.

Martsolf expressed just how “thankful” he is for his wife and sons and for “the whole world that surrounds them.”

11th Birthday

On their 11th birthday, Chase and Mason’s proud papa shared a then and now collage filled with various stages leading up to their big day.

And a couple years later the boys became teens, to which Martsolf stated, “I love these little men more than anything. God help me — they’re teens.”


In 2019, the twins attended Malibu Water Polo Camp, where Olympians and current Pepperdine University coaches Terry Schroeder and Merrill Moses are in charge.

For their 15th birthday, Martsolf expressed his love to his “men” and shared, “As much as I want to keep referring to you as boys, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that you’re breaking that barrier. My pride for you exceeds all else. Keep striving for what you want, and remember you’re always better together.”

Sweet 16 Birthday

And to celebrate their big milestone, Martsolf shared a few cute photos of his boys leading up to a current one and stated, “Stay sweet my 16 year old studs. Dad will always be there for you. Always.”

Then in August 2022, Martsolf announced that his “Boys 2 Men” were officially juniors at Westlake High.


Love Makes the World Go Round

In February 2023, he shared a few pics of his wife and kids, simply captioned, “Love,” to which his wife replied, “Y’all are my best accessories… to the moon and back.”

And the following month, in March 2023, Chase and Mason, who are both swimmers, stood wearing awards around their necks for their water polo competition. “Congrats to my boys,” the actor stated. “Doing their thing today.”

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