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Leo Interrupts Jude’s Christening with a ‘Very Important’ Announcement

In a short v-neck dress, Nicole strolls into the DiMera living room filled with blue and white balloons. She finds a suit-clad EJ, who is distracted by Stefan’s legal woes. However, he’ll rally for the christening. Holly sulks in, wearing her robe and pajamas. Nicole wonders why she’s not dressed for the christening yet. Holly sighs that she doesn’t have the energy for it. Nicole talks her into it, but Holly says she’ll meet them there.

Wearing her robe, Holly pouts at a formally dressed Nicole and EJ.

Wearing a bright pink suit with a swirly pattern, Leo runs into Melinda in the Square. She tries to bypass him, but he stops her to discuss the christening. Melinda can’t believe he thinks he’s going. He expounds on the ways he’s connected to Jude. Melinda orders him to keep his mouth shut if he wants to keep the life he’s grown accustomed to — the outside-of-prison life. They snipe at each other before Melinda goes to check on Sloan.

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In the Square, Melinda yells at Leo while poking his chest. He scrunches his face at her

Sloan holds out Jude's christening gown as she and Eric admire it.

After Roman and Kate stop by their table, Roman gives Brady a pep talk about Tate and his parenting skills. Roman later gets a call that his delivery driver, who was on his way to the DiMeras with food for the party, was in a car wreck. Kate offers to take care of it and shoos Brady and Roman out to the christening.

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In their townhouse, Marlena helps John with his suit tie. Wearing a sparkly suit herself, she suggests they take a trip to Hawaii. John growls that he can’t run away from the fact that he killed an innocent young woman. She reminds him they can’t be sure he did it. Beating himself up is not okay, and it’s even hurting her. That’s the last thing John wants. She knows that because he’s a good and decent man. Marlena tells him to forgive himself, but he doesn’t know if he can do that. She urges him to put aside his guilt for one day and focus on the joy of the new life they’re celebrating. John will do it for her.

At the church, Leo meets the priest who declares everyone there today will bear responsibility for Jude’s spiritual growth. Alone, Leo muses that he’s good and kind, but honest? Not so much. He cautiously dips his finger into holy water and hurries away.

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