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“Honoring Garrison Brown: A Creative and Heartfelt Tribute Shared by His Family”

Garrison Brown’s Family Shares Unique & Fun Way To Honor Him

After losing Garrison Brown at the beginning of March, the Brown family knew things would never be the same again. However, his loved ones and surviving family members are determined to keep Garrison’s legacy alive.

After his passing, Flagstaff animal shelters received an abundance of donations from Sister Wives fans. Garrison loved animals and had three shelter cats of his own.

Now, the Browns confirmed they’ve found a new and fun way to keep honoring Garrison. Keep reading to see what they’re doing.

Garrison Brown Had A Very Unique Sense Of Style

Sister Wives fans knew Garrison Brown loved cats and serving in the National Guard. But he also had a passion for Hawaiian shirts. He and his younger brother Gabriel launched their own shirt business, dubbed Bob’s Floral.

Gabe Brown, Garrison Brown, and Kody Brown from Bob's Floral Instagram
Although the brand seemed to be quite popular with Sister Wives fans, Garrison last posted on the page in November 2020, teasing a big reopening plan. Sadly, it seemed that never came to fruition.

In the wake of Garrison’s death, it seemed unlikely the shop would ever reopen. But as per The Sun, it seems the Browns are intent on keeping Bob’s Floral alive.

“He was definitely planning on working on his clothing, but before his death, he wasn’t really doing much of anything, truthfully,” an inside source allegedly told The Sun. “He was depressed and was unhappy, and he didn’t feel like he was getting much success from anything.”

Garrison Brown holding his niece and nephew from Janelle Brown's Instagram

The source claims that initially, there weren’t immediate plans to reopen the clothing business. But that’s changed over the past few weeks.

“… There’s conversations within the family about how they’re going to try to keep his legacy alive,” the insider continued. “They plan on carrying on some of his dreams, which can be done by his brothers,” they continued.

The source also claimed the Brown family is working on creating a foundation in Garrison’s name that will likely be centered around helping animals in need.

Fans Are Divided Over Whether Sister Wives Should Continue

While many Sister Wives fans would like to see how the Brown family handles Garrison’s passing, many think it should be canceled for the same reason. Even recently, Kody Brown publicly admitted that conflict is excellent for ratings but ultimately hurt his family. Many viewers would prefer to see the Brown family stop filming and focus on healing instead.

Either way, Sister Wives Season 19 will likely debut on TLC later this fall.

What do you think about the Brown family’s decision to relaunch Bob’s Floral? Share your own thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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