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“Heartbreak in ‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Broke Down On Set & Walked Off!

The Sister Wives family is in a completely different air now. They are no longer what they used to be because of many things that have happened in the past. That is why it is becoming really difficult for the Browns to look back at all the happy memories and overwhelming moments, and they aren’t able to take them at all.

Viewers were recently in disbelief when they saw Robyn breaking down on the set. She walked off and even revealed the shocking reason behind why she would’ve probably backed away from everything!

Sister Wives: Robyn Hysterically Cries After Watching Happy Moments Of Browns

Sister Wives Look Back: How It Started brought tears to the eyes of everyone who has been a part of the Browns’ journey since the beginning. It recently featured all of the five OG members reflecting on some special moments that they spent together as a “family.” One of them was the 2013 commitment ceremony, which Robyn couldn’t watch at all.

The video featured Browns’ mission statement as well as their dedication to growing and staying together. As soon as Robyn saw this clip she wasn’t able to control herself at all. She broke down into tears and she was clearly in an emotional state. While sobbing the celeb stated, “I can’t watch this. How do I stop it? I can’t watch this.”

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Robyn made it clear that she wasn’t ready to reflect on their memories at all. She continued, “I can’t watch this. I’m sorry, I need a break.” Kody’s only wife was quick to get up from her seat and attempted to remove her microphone. Robyn then stormed out of the set while a title that read, “To be continued…” appeared on the screen.

Apparently, this came after Robyn was in a monogamous marriage with Kody. All of her Sister Wives have left the latter, and they no longer are a part of the family. So, it appears that their happy moments have now started to haunt her!

Sister Wives: Robyn Says She Would Have ‘Probably Backed Away’ From Kody

Robyn Brown has always been accused of being Kody’s favorite wife. Her former Sister Wives have talked about it several times, and they openly claim that their polygamist husband used to prefer his fourth spouse over everyone. Even during the recent episode, Christine discussed how everything changed after Robyn entered into the dynamics.


She stated that Kody used to treat everyone equally until Robyn came. Christine believes that as soon as the latter walked down the aisle, she knew that Robyn and Kody’s chemistry was something different. She realized that they were each other’s soul mates, and the dynamics started to change.

But Robyn isn’t ready to accept any of these claims. When she was asked about favoritism, her answer shocked everyone. The celeb explained that she was well aware of men’s tendency to gravitate to “one or two specific wives.” But Robyn always believed that it was “destructive.” She stated that if she had witnessed favoritism or something like that at any point, she would have “probably backed away from it really fast.” Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for the latest Sister Wive tea.



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