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“Heartbreak in ‘Sister Wives’: Garrison Brown’s Friends Call for Boycott of Sister-in-law Because She Says Death Is From That

Garrison Brown’s Friends Call For Cancelation Of ‘Sister Wives’

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After the unexpected death of Garrison Brown, some of his friends are calling for the cancelation of the long-running TLC show Sister Wives. Currently, the family and friends are enduring the horrible pain of losing a loved one, compounded by the gut-wrenching knowledge it was at his own hands. Undoubtedly, everyone is searching for answers to why he chose to leave. It is heavy on the hearts of all who knew Garrison Brown.

Pain Through The Passing

While the entire Sister Wives community has been affected by the death of Garrison Brown, the people closest to him are bearing the brunt of the pain. Likewise, most likely his family and friends are sorting through unexpected emotions that arise after the untimely passing of a person who is loved. However, many times there aren’t answers. Unfortunately, the hollow feeling that can be left in the wake of a suicide can tear the souls of the living. And there is no good way through grief. It is a journey of waking up every day and not knowing how it will present. Although it is most likely a surreal time for Garrison’s family and friends, especially Kody and Janelle Brown, it is hard not to point fingers and blame someone or something for the deep loss of a precious human.

Garrison Brown’s Death Leaves A Gaping Hole

Without a doubt, Garrison Brown’s friends are hurting in his absence. Several of his friends have posted memories and photos of their dear friend after his passing. Sadly, you can see the gaping hole Garrison left behind for his family and friends who love him dearly. But some friends are calling for the cancelation of Sister Wives in light of his suicide.

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Garrison Brown’s Friends Call For Cancelation Of Sister Wives

After Garrison Brown’s passing, there seems to be a call from his friends to cancel the TLC show Sister Wives. Fans have watched Garrison and the entire Brown family grow up on the screen. But some of Garrison’s friends are pointing his early death to the turmoil he experienced from being on the show.

Garrison Brown's friend calls for cancelation of Sister Wives. - Instagram

On Reddit, a user started a thread about Garrison Brown’s death. Saying, “Anyone else see that some of his friends are sharing memorial posts of garrison with the hashtag #cancelsisterwives ? I have to agree with them… if this is a result of trauma from the public image he could not consent to then they have an obligation to cancel this show and protect the other children’s mental health.”

Fans Weigh In On Cancelation After Garrison Brown’s Death

Currently, the Sister Wives community seems to care about the Browns during this terrible loss of Garrison Brown. Most are supporting the family and understand they have difficult decisions that lie ahead for them. But some weigh in on the thought of cancelation.

  • “I hear what you’re saying; but, good or bad, there were/are a hundred other reasons why this show was a trainwreck…from the jump. ‘The show’ isn’t responsible for anyone’s suicide. The person who deserved a reckoning had the ultimate reckoning and now he’ll have to live with that for his entire life (justiably).”
  • Someone points out that if they continue, Garrison Brown’s death needs to be discussed right away. Saying, “I only see one post from one person with that hashtag under his tagged photos. Me personally, I feel like they either need to cancel the show or address this head-on in a way that will make a difference and make a change and help other people.”
  • “We as strangers have no right to tell this family what to do. They are dealing with a lot and we shouldn’t unwittingly make the situation worse when trying to help. We see highly edited snapshots of their lives. He agreed to film after he was 18 and you are right, the family gained a lot of opportunity from the show. The women are free because they went public and gained independence. The kids went to college. It’s not a black and white issue. I respect whatever the family decides.”


While it is unclear what all the contributing factors were for Garrison Brown’s death, it is a huge loss nonetheless. Furthermore, deepest condolences go out to the Brown family as they navigate this difficult journey.

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