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Exciting News for Days of Our Lives Fans: Melissa Reeves Makes a Comeback to DOOL – Jennifer Horton Returns to Salem

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Melissa Reeves Returns to DOOL – Jennifer Horton Heads Back to Salem

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Melissa Reeves Returns to DOOL - Jennifer Horton Heads Back to Salem

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers reveal that Melissa Reeves will be reprising the role of Jennifer Horton, so DOOL fans can expect to see her this fall. According to TV Insider, Reeves will return as Jennifer for Thanksgiving and for Bill Hayes’ (Doug Williams) tribute episodes as well.

Of course, we should point out that Cady McClain sometimes serves as a Jennifer Horton recast, so Melissa Reeves was hesitant to accept if it meant taking anything away from her.

Reeves pointed out that she was a huge fan of McClain and was honored when she stepped in as Jennifer.

It worked out for Reeves to return this time around, though she admitted she was a little rusty.

Since Reeves has been renovating a ranch in Tennessee, she felt the need to fly back to Los Angeles a day early and wrap her head around acting again.

However, Reeves suggested it really was like riding a bike and joked about needing to practice being in high heels.

Due to that ranch renovation that we mentioned, Reeves has mostly been wearing rubber boots on the farm!

Fortunately, Reeves was able to get back in the swing of things and reflected on the sense of community that Days offers.

Coming back to DOOL gave Reeves a chance to have a wonderful family reunion, so she certainly seems grateful for that.

Since Reeves will be playing Jennifer for Doug’s memorial episodes, she shared a lovely memory of Bill Hayes teaching her to ballroom dance between the scenes.

Reeves insisted it was something she’d always remember.

As for Melissa Reeves’ future at Days, she said she’d be open to coming back full-time, but she has a bit of a problem now that she no longer has a home in Los Angeles.

Although Reeves doesn’t have a place to stay when she’s in LA anymore, she could surely figure something out if a full-time Days comeback does come together down the road.

Whatever the case, our predictions point to some warm moments as Jennifer Horton visits Salem, so stick with us for updates on any other news related to her return.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Jennifer’s homecoming will be something to look forward to!


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