Bold and the Beautiful

Deacon Stuns Finn With a Crazy Question — and Hope’s Decree Throws Luna For a Loop

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At Il Giardino, Deacon stops doing paperwork, sighs, and flashes to the scene in the crematorium. He mutters, “It can’t be.” He rubs his head and groans. Hollis comes along and asks if he’s alright. Deacon tells him, “No, I’m not alright, Hollis. I’m not alright at all.” Hollis asks if the memorial went as he’d hoped. Deacon says Hope and Finn showed up. Hollis muses that it’s hard to believe Sheila’s gone. Deacon mumbles, “You’re telling me.”

Hollis walks off and Deacon flashes to Sheila describing how she’d faked her death previously by cutting off her own toe. He sweats, “Are you seeing things? Or did you really see ten toes? Because if you saw ten toes, that can’t be Sheila.”
Deacon B&B

Finn tells Steffy good morning at the cliff house. She says he should have woken her when he got in from his late shift and asks about the memorial. Finn feels like he got some closure and thanks her for being so understanding. “You’re amazing, you know that?” Steffy asks about Hope being at the memorial.

Finn says the memorial was eye-opening. He didn’t realize how important Sheila was to Deacon, who’s having difficulty accepting that she’s gone. Steffy understands that the death of the woman who tried to kill them has taken a toll on Deacon… and on Finn. Finn’s sorry he can’t explain it, but the tie to Sheila was deeper than he realized. He was glad to get the chance to acknowledge what he lost. Steffy vows that Sheila didn’t come between them when she was alive and she certainly won’t come between them now.
Finn Steffy B&B

At Forrester, Hope assures Zende, RJ, and Luna that she’s fine to carry on with the meeting despite attending a memorial yesterday. RJ asks about her dad and Hope says he’s grieving. The way Sheila died was difficult to process when he believed she had changed. Zende’s glad they don’t have to worry about her being a threat anymore.

Hope appreciates their concern, but she didn’t call them there to discuss Sheila’s memorial. She presumes they’ve heard that Thomas left for Paris. The trio lets her know they have and that they’re there for her whatever she needs. Hope says that Thomas proposed again and she didn’t accept, so Thomas left. She’s not sure what that means yet, but the loss is significant. She’ll need them to step up, rally, and work as a team.
Hope B&B

Zende tells Hope she’s the heart and soul of this line and RJ seconds that. Luna’s happy to pitch in however she can. Hope tells them they’re brilliant and talented. She’s excited about what they can achieve together, but they’ll really have to step up. The trio expresses enthusiasm. Hope thinks it’s time to give Luna more responsibility. She doesn’t see this as a setback, but an opportunity. She envisions Luna working very closely with Zende. Luna looks ill.

Hope tells Luna that she and RJ are a great team, but what they do here is different than couture. Zende has his finger on the pulse of their collection. She’s looking forward to seeing what RJ brings to the table, but Zende is more experienced and will take over for Thomas. She’s not sure how things will work out, but she knows that Hope For the Future is in good hands. “I believe that we will make the most of this opportunity.” She reiterates that she’d like Luna to stay by Zende’s side and work closely with him. “I’m sure he has plenty of secret to share.” Luna flashes to waking up in Zende’s place and exclaiming, “What have I done?!” Remembering that she told Zende she was keeping quiet to protect his relationship with his cousin, she shakes her head.
Luna RJ Hope B&B

Once alone with RJ, Hope hopes she didn’t catch him too off-guard with that. She thinks Luna spending time with Zende will be beneficial for her and her future.

In the design office, Zende asks if Luna is OK — he had no idea Hope would have them working so closely together. Luna admits it’s complicated. She’s lying to RJ. Keeping this secret is killing her. The guilt gets worse every day. Zende argues that it wasn’t her fault. Luna didn’t know what she was doing that night, but she does now. She’s lying. “I can’t do it. RJ needs to know what happened. He deserves to know the truth.”
Luna Zende B&Ba

At the cliff house, Steffy reiterates to Finn that she won’t let anyone come between them. Finn says Sheila’s death has been difficult, but they can finally put it behind them and move on. Right on cue, he gets a call from Deacon, who wants to see him and says it’s urgent. “It’s about your birth mother. It’s about Sheila. I’m at the restaurant. Please get down here as soon as you can. Finn disconnects and tells Steffy he’ll go deal with this as fast as he can. He assures her this may be the last time they have to talk about Sheila. Steffy kisses him and he leaves. Steffy flashes to Sheila pointing a gun at her and gasps.
Finn Steffy B&B


At Il Giardino, Deacon pours himself a drink while muttering, “It can’t be. It can’t be. It can’t be.” Finn shows up and asks what’s going on. Deacon says this is crazy and doesn’t make any sense. Finn urges him to take a breath; he’s all wound up. Deacon gasps, “You have no idea.” Finn thinks this is normal — it’s been an emotional time — but he has to put this behind him. Steffy has been incredible, but they can’t forget the shooting. Whatever is going on, he needs to tell him so they can put Sheila behind them. Deacon wants that for him. Finn thinks it would be good for Deacon too. He did everything he could for her. “Deacon, it’s over. I know it’s hard to accept but Sheila’s dead.” Deacon asks, “What if it’s not, Finn? What if the person I saw being cremated wasn’t Sheila?

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