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Days of Our Lives Preview: Chanel and Johnny’s Honeymoon Is Rudely -Everett Snaps at Stephanie

Days of Our Lives Preview: Everett Snaps at Stephanie — and Chanel and Johnny’s Honeymoon Is Rudely Interrupted

In a Days of Our Lives for April 8 – 12, Nicole and Kristen are at each other’s throats just like old times. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

John and Steve’s relationship has been strained the past few weeks, with John learning about the mission Victor sent them on decades ago when John was still “The Pawn,” and Steve keeping the truth about Konstantin’s daughter who was killed during the mission. Coming up, Steve’s wife Kayla comes to John letting him know, “I have something for you!” She punches him in the arm, and John laughs, “Ow!”

At the DiMera mansion, Holly spends time with Rachel, something Kristen isn’t happy about given what has come to light about Holly’s involvement with drugs. She warns her to stay away from her daughter! This ignites sparks between Kristen and Nicole. Nicole tells Kristen, “You want to come after someone, come after me!” Kristen is ready to bring on the fight, as EJ rushes to pull Nicole and his sister apart.

A hypnosis session with Marlena left Everett shaken when he saw an image of himself smiling devilishly. Plus, things went from bad to worse when it was revealed Robert “Bobby” Stein and Jada were still married! Everett refused to sign the divorce papers, stating he wasn’t that man and this would be forgery. Coming up, Stephanie confronts Everett and tells him that he’s been ID’d as Robert Stein. He quickly shuts her up and snaps, “Don’t you ever call me that again!” Is the real Bobby emerging?

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Finally, Chanel and Johnny head to the Horton cabin for a proper honeymoon, only for it to be crashed when the door blows open just as things are heating up. But who is at the door? This seems like something Sami might do, but we know she’s not in Salem. Maybe it was just the wind? Nah!

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