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Days of Our Lives Just Resurrected Victor Kiriakis — But How?

In an episode already filled to overflowing with soapy goodness, Days of Our Lives left fans wondering about one scene in particular. Because as the walls closed in on bad guy Konstantin, his would-be bride insisted upon hearing the truth about her late husband Victor’s final days. And while the soap could have simply had Konstantin fill in the blanks verbally, they instead flashed back to a fateful meeting between the groom and his late enemy.

In the scene, Konstantin asked for help in saving his floundering business. He asserted that Victor owed him, given that it was Konstantin’s father who’d provided the money which helped launch the Kiriakis empire. When that plea failed, he accused Victor of taking from him “my child, my wife, my whole heart.”

Victor spoke of his regrets, ultimately agreeing to have a new draft of his will drawn up on the spot. In doing so, Victor essentially signed his own death warrant when Konstantin, unwilling to wait for an eventual payout, instead had his daughter’s killer’s plane tampered with.

The scenes left some fans wondering if they’d been filmed long ago and held until now, given that Victor’s portrayer, John Aniston, passed away back in November of 2022. While that was obviously unlikely, the show films months in advance and only marked the character’s death last September, leaving some to speculate about the sequence.

But no, the scenes did not feature Aniston. Instead, as evidenced by the fact that Victor was only scene from behind, a body double was used, with someone doing a darn good impersonation of Aniston’s gruff intonations to deliver the dialogue.

The last episode in which Aniston actually appeared aired on December 26, 2022, having been taped approximately five months earlier.

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