Alaskan Bush People

Bear Brown Big Update:Third Born Sons!

Bear Brown, the reality TV star known for his appearances on “Alaskan Bush People,” has excitedly announced the full name of his third-born son. In a recent update, Brown revealed that his newborn son will be named Harbor Coast Joshua Brown. The announcement was made in a video shared with his followers, where Brown expressed his gratitude for their support and excitement for the newest addition to his family.

During the announcement, Brown shared the backstory behind the chosen name, revealing that his partner, Raven, played a significant role in selecting it. He described the name Harbor as being particularly meaningful, likening it to a safe haven experienced while sailing. Brown expressed his belief that Harbor’s name perfectly complements those of his other two sons, River and Cove.

Reflecting on the significance of the name, Brown shared his personal connection to harbors, describing the feeling of arriving at a harbor at night as akin to finding a sanctuary amidst the vast ocean. He emphasized that Harbor Coast Joshua Brown holds a special place in his heart and expressed his hope that others would also appreciate the chosen name.

As the announcement concluded, Brown invited feedback from his audience, encouraging them to share their thoughts on the newly revealed name. He closed the video with expressions of gratitude and blessings for his supporters, signaling the start of a new chapter in the Brown family’s journey.

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