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B&B’s Shocking Twist: Hope’s Explosive Week Unveils Past Romances and a Surprise Proposal!

Much of the drama on Bold & Beautiful has revolved around Steffy and the aftermath of her stabbing to death the notorious Sheila Carter, with Hope playing a supporting role. But the tide is about to turn as Brooke’s daughter gets a “big week” of her own!

The Forresters and Logans, Hope included, were stunned to hear that Sheila had met an unexpected and bloody end at the cliff house and have spent much of their time since discussing the matter.

Hope high-tailed it over to Deacon’s place, wanting to be the one to break the news to her besotted dad despite Sheila being the cause of their most recent estrangement, only to discover that Finn had beat her to the punch.

Having an unpopular former con as a father allowed Hope to empathize with Finn, who was somehow devastated by the loss of his “birth mother”, despite the fact that she shot him and Steffy and left them to die, and tried valiantly to keep them apart after the fact. The last time he thought Sheila had perished, Finn was remarkably unaffected, but having her meet her end in his home at his wife’s hand sent him for a loop this time around.
Finn Hope B&B


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After comforting Finn, and establishing a closeness that could have implications for ‘Thope’ down the road, Hope moved on to hand-wringing about the ramifications of the killing on his and Steffy’s marriage. But her focus is about to shift back to her own relationship in a “big” way.

Annika Noelle took to her Instagram story to tease a “big week for Hope” and it all starts with a trip back in time.

Rather suprisingly — ’cause Bold & Beautiful — Thomas and Hope will be allowed to forget about the Sheila fallout long enough to reminisce about their time together in Rome, Italy. As most will recall, “Thope” kissed for the first time whilst exploring the City of Eternal Love hand-in-hand after their successful fashion preview there last year.

Although Hope was still with Liam at the time, the kiss shared with Thomas beside the colosseum (witnessed by her husband) marked the moment when her heart truly began to switch allegiances.
Hope Thomas B&B

Hope made it clear that she was not in love with Thomas and was taking things slow, but they’ve been inseparable since he gave Hope a seemingly life-changing romp in the hay, and she eventually agreed to wear his engagement ring on a chain around her neck.

Hope’s mother interrupted said romp in the hay and has been none-too-pleased about the developments between “Thope” from that point on given the history.
Thomas Hope B&B

Unsurprisingly, part of Hope’s big week will involve yet another attempt to get Brooke on board with her relationship with Thomas and to try and make her see how committed and caring he is toward her. We wish her the best of luck with that and fully expect her to be unsuccessful given the use of the word “attempts” in the spoiler.

Meanwhile, Brooke’s husband Ridge will spend some time encouraging Thomas to “act boldly” in his love for Hope. And while his bold actions in the past where Hope is concerned amounted to nothing less than a scary obsession, times — and Thomas it would seem — have changed.

If our hunch is correct, Hope’s big week will also be huge for Thomas as she will finally accept his proposal of marriage and move his engagement ring from the chain around her neck to her finger.
Thomas Hope proposal B&B

Week’s end has Thomas designing a beautiful new gown for Hope, which can only be her wedding dress, and we’re assuming word of the impending nuptials will spread like wildfire… and for some, will burn.

While all of the Forresters and Logans will react to the news of an official engagement between the unlikely pair, it’s Brooke who is most likely to kick up a stink, particulary since the like-minded Steffy is well and truly preoccupied with other things. Given how utterly thrilled Ridge is going to be for his son, there’s a very good chance that Brooke’s attitude could cause a genuine rift between them.
brooke cries over ridge bb


Do you think we’re set to hear wedding bells for Hope and Thomas? Do you think the news will lead “Bridge” to troubled waters? Let us know in the comments.

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