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As Christel Khalil Returns to Young & Restless, She Makes It Clear a Devastated Lily Is ‘Taking Charge’

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally, truly here! The Young and the Restless‘ Christel Khalil is bringing Lily back on Wednesday, March 13 and it’s not a moment too soon. Though it may be a bit too late…

Lily’s been off in California with Mattie ever since December when Khalil left for maternity leave during the birth of her second child. While she was gone, Daniel hopped into bed with Heather and they’ve been cozying up ever since. And it doesn’t take long, Khalil tells TVInsider in an interview before “She finds out from Daniel what’s going on.”

How does she react? Shock, understandably hits first. “She’s hurt by what happened,” Khalil clarifies, “but also trying to be really levelheaded about everything. As time goes on, it hits her more and more, how horrible it really all was.”

Daniel Lily Y&R

She left trusting that everything would be OK while she was gone. And now she’s come back to find that Daniel didn’t just have a little “slip up” and cheat with Heather — which would be bad enough — but has actually fallen back in love with her. And he’s said nothing to Lily while she’s been away for months!

But is she going to fight to keep Daniel or just kick him to the curb, wipe her hands and walk away? Time will tell, but from what Khalil’s shared, it doesn’t sound like she’s going to be taking this sitting down. In fact, she teases, we’re about to see a whole new Lily.

Heather Daniel kiss Y&R

“I am excited to start a new storyline with Lily,” the actress shares. “She’s taking charge. I think people are going to see a different side of Lily.”

We aren’t sure if that’s bad news for Daniel, Heather or both, but either way, that’s what we like to hear. Lily’s going to have to make some tough choices after Daniel’s betrayal, so it’s time to take the reigns!


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