Young and the Restless

A Disguised Jordan Tempts Nikki — and [Spoiler] Pops the Question

Later, at the desk, Tucker puts a letter he’s written into an envelope and leaves it on the nightstand for Audra before leaving the room.

Downstairs, Tucker spots Lily and welcomes her home. She wonders how he knew about her trip to see Mattie considering Devon isn’t speaking to him. Lily doesn’t think they have much to say to each other.
Tucker Lily

Tucker wants to know how Devon is doing. Lily tells him he always has a hidden agenda and she wants no part of it. Tucker says he’s kept his distance and it hurts. He misses seeing Devon and going to Dom’s music classes. Lily tells him he has no one to blame but himself. Tucker knows that, but would like to correct it. Lily says some things can’t be undone and she isn’t going to help him undo it. Tucker wants to convince her he misses them. Lily says she’s not the one he needs to convince and walks away. Devon walks in and Tucker remarks on the incredible timing, but Devon ignores him.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack says good morning to Traci, who is concerned about Ashley. Jack is sure everything’s fine. Traci tells him, “Ashley didn’t come home again last night.” Jack replies that it’s none of his business and, “None of our business.” Traci’s irritated but Jack insists he’s respecting her boundaries. Traci emphasizes that something is wrong! Jack tells his sister that Ashley can do what she wants to do, and he intends to respect that. “I am done policing her behavior.” Traci argues there’s a new issue here and he’s not seeing it. She’s sure it’s not over with Tucker.
Jack Traci

Jack thinks they all need to take a step back and look at Tucker, who is capable of very little if they’re being honest. “He can’t get to us.” Traci isn’t talking about the corporate world. Jack thinks Ashley is done with him too. “It’s over. He ruined it just like we thought he would.” Traci is concerned she may have spent the night with him last night. Jack is sure he doesn’t have a hold on her anymore. “We have to let this go.” Traci can’t believe he just wants her to sit back and watch a slow-moving train wreck happen. Jack asks her just to be a sister to her, not her keeper. She’s the glue that keeps the family together, but shouldn’t let it be her burden. Traci tears up as Jack tells her how much they love having her there. Traci doesn’t see the family as being united. Jack thinks it’s just a bump in the road. “When Ashley needs our help and asks for it, we will be there for her. Until then, I’m going to give her the space she’s asked for. I hope you do the same thing.”
Jack Traci cry

Traci is on the phone calling around looking for Ashley, when she comes through the front door looking disheveled. Traci asks where she’s been. Ashley cries, “I don’t know.” She tell Traci she woke up alone in a hotel room and doesn’t know how she got there. “I think I was at the Athletic Club. I think I was outside Tucker’s suite.” Traci asks if she spoke to him. Ashley isn’t sure but she thinks she ran away from there. Traci asks if she was drinking. Ashley says no, but admits she isn’t sure of anything. There’s an empty place in her memory. Traci worries she was drugged and wants to have her tested. Ashley knows she wasn’t drugged. “This isn’t the first time it’s happened to me.”
Ashley Traci

At Society, Tessa greets Nikki, who says she’s meeting with Jack, but she’s early. Tessa shows her to a table, and they chat about her and Mariah’s move. In the background, Jordan, disguised as a man, slips in and goes to the bar.
Nikki Jordan Y&R

Nikki and Tessa discuss the extra security at the ranch and the deranged person stalking the family. Tessa hopes the nightmare will be over soon. She walks back to her station at the front door. Nikki stares at the bottle of vodka sitting on the bar beside Jordan.

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Jack arrives to meet Nikki and apologizes for being late. Jordan eavesdrops as Nikki tells him about Mariah and Tessa moving off the ranch. He senses something is wrong and she admits, “I don’t know what to do, Jack.” Victor wants to take her on a vacation and she’s not sure. Jack thinks it’s great. Nikki can’t shake a feeling of dread. “I think that I want to drink and a trip would mean time alone with all of these terrible feelings and urges.” Jack assures her she can still reach out to him. “I think this is exactly what you need.” Nikki isn’t sure she could survive this ordeal without Jack and thanks him. At the bar, Jordan whispers to the bartender.
Jordan bartender

At the Club, Tucker tries again to corral Devon and asks after Dom. “Is he still into music?” Devon nods, “Mmhmm.” He’s late for a meeting with his sister and has to go. Tucker asks if he really believes he’s beyond all hope. Devon says they’ve never been a family. He’s tried to draw lines and he walks all over them. “All you care about is what you want.” He’s alone and it’s because he doesn’t know how to stop sabotaging the things that you claim matter to you. “I’m done playing the game. You’re not entitled to me or to anybody else.”
Devon Tucker

In the suite, Audra awakens to find Tucker gone. She spots the envelope on the nightstand and pulls out the letter, which tells her last night was magical and so is she. He was an idiot to resist what she’s known all along — that they were meant for each other. He’s running errands and can’t wait to get back and hold her in his arms. “I love you. Tucker.”

In the dining room, Lily and Devon discuss Tucker. She tells him his father asked about him and is relentless. Devon just told him again that it’s not going to happen. Lily isn’t sure that Devon isn’t affected by all of this. It’s OK to feel sad that he hasn’t been the father or grandfather he might have been. Saying it aloud doesn’t mean Tucker has won.
Lily Devon

Devon has come to the realization that you can’t miss what you never had. He’s never been able to rely on Tucker and every time he’s come into his life, it’s not been about him. He can’t take no for an answer and that’s not how a father should behave. Neil is all the father he’ll ever need. Lily argues he’s shaken up just by running into him. Switching gears, she says they have more immediate problems to deal with than Tucker McCall.

Tucker rejoins Audra in the suite and she tells him his note was suite. He says he had an important errand to run. “All shall be revealed quite soon.” Audra chides that he’s being mysterious. Tucker hopes and prays that she likes this surprise. He opens the door and she walks out with him behind her.

Tucker leads Audra, with her eyes closed, into the jazz lounge, where he’s set up a private meal reminiscent of Paris. She tells him he’s romantic and kisses him. “C’est magnifique.”
Audra Tucker

At the Abbott mansion, Traci fusses over Ashley, who cries, “I don’t want you to have to do this for me.” Traci asks, “Were you… assaulted.” Ashley says no and Traci’s relieved. She asks about her lapses. “Can you describe them?” Ashley says she’ll be home and suddenly she’s all the way across town and has no idea how she got there. It’s like a dead zone. She can kind of remember something, but it’s just out of reach. Traci finds this terrifying and vows to help her sister. Ashley thinks it’s getting worse and fears something horrible is going to happen. They embrace.
Ashley cry Traci

Traci assures Ashley that she’s not alone. They’ll take everything they know and go from there. The first thing is to get her to a doctor to rule out anything physical. Then they’ll have to contact a mental health professional. They have to cover every base. Ashley grimaces and holds her head. “I need some water.” As Traci’s pouring it, a voice in Ashley’s head panics, “They’re going to put us away. We have to do something!”

Traci rejoins Ashley, whose younger alter has taken over. She asks Traci to “pinky swear” that she won’t tell Jack about all of this or she won’t go to the doctor. Traci protests but Ashley exclaims, “I mean it! Pinky swear!” Looking mystified, Traci pinky swears and says she won’t tell Jack. Ashley jumps up and says she feels gross and is going to take a bubble bath. Traci looks stunned.
Ashley Traci pinky swear

At Society, the waiter brings Nikki a drink and says it’s courtesy of the gentleman at the bar. Nikki asks who it was. The waiter says he must have just left. She asks what’s in it. It’s triple distilled vodka. Nikki exclaims, “Take it away! Please, take it away!”
Nikki bartender Jack

Jack comes back in from talking to the bodyguard and then asks the bartender if the guy at the bar is a regular. The bartender says it’s the first time he’s seen him. Nikki’s convinced that Jordan has an accomplice. “Am I being watched all the time everywhere I go?” She can’t take this anymore and needs to get away.

In the Club dining room, Devon asks Lily what other problems she’s referring to if it’s not about Heather and Daniel getting fired. He’s already told her he wasn’t a fan of the move. Lily says it’s a done deal. Devon points out that Billy will have an issue with it — he’s has a contrary opinion to everything these days. Lily says that’s the problem she’s talking about — the constant tension between him and Billy. Devon says it’s Billy’s fault, but she doesn’t think that’s true. Devon feels it’s a moot point. They don’t need him at the company anymore now that she’s back. Lily believes there’s a place for him at Chancellor-Winters.


In the jazz lounge, Tucker proposes a toast to Audra and then tells her he has a couple of things to say to her. He doesn’t think she knows how much she means to him. She’s been the one he’s confided in and confessed to, and who keeps him on his toes. So often his days started and ended with her and he thinks he never realized until now how much he needs her and loves her. He loves her fire and depth and the sweetness she’ll deny. “You’re so sweet. I marvel at you, Audra.” Tucker says just being close to her makes him feel like he’s where he’s supposed to be. He’s spent his whole life trying not to be vulnerable, but is feeling pretty vulnerable right now. He reaches into his pocket, says, “What the hell,” and pulls out a box with an engagement ring. “Marry me, Audra. I love you and I want to show you how much every day for the rest of my life.”
Audra Tucker



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