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“Mykelti Brown Honors the Memory of her Late ‘Cool’ and Funny Brother”

Mykelti Brown Celebrates Life Of Late ‘Cool’ & Funny Brother

Mykelti Brown Padron-Facebook

Mykelti Brown Padron is the latest sibling to honor her late brother, Garrison Brown a week after he died from an apparent suicide. The two were part of the Sister Wives family and share the same father, Kody Brown. Yet, they were both raised by Mykelti’s mother, Christine Brown who took on the role of homemaker in the plural family. So, what is she saying in her tribute to the twenty-five-year-old? Read on for more details.

Mykelti Brown Celebrates Life Of Late ‘Cool’ & Funny Brother

After Garrison Brown passed away, his mother, Janelle Brown released a statement. It was on behalf of herself and Kody Brown. He then released the same one on behalf of himself and Janelle followed by his ex-wife, Meri Brown. Their children never said anything but rather reposted what Janelle had said. Finally, Kody’s former third wife and Janelle’s close friend, Christine Brown wrote her tribute. That broke so many hearts and the kids started to repost what she shared, as well. Eventually, Janelle’s eldest daughter, Maddie Brown Brush posted a statement on social media.

Axel Brush, Garrison Brown, Evie Brush-Instagram

That was followed by her sister-in-law, Michelle Petty sharing the kindest words about Garrison. Now, Mykelti Brown Padron is speaking out. A photo of her daughter, Avalon, and Garrison twinning and smiling has been circulating and melting hearts. He clearly loved being an uncle as he was seen showing Maddie’s kids how to look at the stars through a telescope. Along with the infamous photo of Garrison and Avalon, Mykelti posted on Facebook and shared this:

Mykelti Brown Padron referred to Garrison as “the funniest person in the room.” She also added that he was “one cool dude.” More so, it hurts so much knowing that her children will never really get to experience what he was like. It was clearly very hard for her to express how she felt but it was also a beautiful tribute to someone gone far too soon. Followers immediately felt the heart and pain behind the post and chimed in with kind words.

Love & Prayers

As with Maddie Brown Brush, Meri Brown, and Christine Brown, Mykelti Brown Padron did not turn her initial comments off. Therefore, her followers jumped in to send their well wishes and condolences to her and the family:

  • Mykelti I’m so sad for you and the family. I want you to know I will be keeping each of you in my thoughts and prayers.
  • I’m so very sorry for your tremendous loss Mykelti and family. My heart has been breaking for you all since I heard. Praying for you and your family
  • I’m so very sorry for your family’s loss. I’m absolutely heartbroken for all of you.
  • I’m so sorry Mykelti. My heart is broken for your entire family.

Additionally, as with many posts of the family, followers have shared similar experiences which hopefully helps the Browns feel less alone. What did you think of Mykelti’s sweet words about her brother? Is there really anything

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