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Days of Our Lives Recap: Wednesday, March 27 – Holly Poses as Theresa – Jada Blasts Homewrecker Stephanie

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Wednesday, March 27, reveals that Holly Jonas (Ashley Puzemis) tried to tell Nicole DiMera (Arianne Zucker) that she was to blame for what happened on New Year’s Eve.

Nicole insisted Holly was a victim and reflected on how she initially shut down any notion that the drugs could’ve belonged to Holly.

However, Nicole admitted she eventually let doubts creep in and found herself wondering if she could’ve been such a terrible mother that she missed the warning signs.

Holly backed out of the confession and looked up the phone number for Tate Black’s (Jamie Martin Mann) halfway house once she was alone.

Once Holly posed as Theresa Donovan (Emily O’Brien) over the phone she insisted she needed to speak with Tate about something important.

Meanwhile, Tate wrote in his journal as part of his mandated therapy, so he talked about his complicated feelings for Holly and considered whether it was best to cut her out of his life.

Tate got called to the phone and was surprised to find Holly on the line instead of Theresa. Holly was so sorry for what Tate was going through, so he offered a reminder that she had the power to fix it.

After Holly explained why she was hesitant to make Nicole fall apart again after everything she’d been through, Tate said he understood.

Although Tate previously thought Holly was being selfish, he didn’t feel that way anymore and urged her never to come clean about the drugs.

Holly seemed conflicted, but she had to hang up in a hurry since EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel) came home.

At Harris Michaels’ (Steve Burton) apartment on Wednesday’s Days episode, Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) showed up to insist he wasn’t the one who fired at him on the loading docks.

Despite Xander’s questionable history, he insisted he was a changed man since he wanted to be better for Victoria Horton-Cook and Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey).

Harris invited Xander to have some scotch with him and admitted he believed him.

When Xander questioned why, Harris suggested that he knew what it was like to be accused of something you didn’t do.

At the same time, Harris also knew what it was like to have a complex history and try to rise above it.

After Harris fished to find out if Xander knew who set him up, Xander admitted to thinking it was EJ at first and then changing his mind.

Xander wondered if Harris recalled anything else since he was the only eyewitness, but Harris stayed tight-lipped about remembering Stefan DiMera’s (Brandon Barash) guilt.

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At Eric Brady’s (Greg Vaughan) apartment on Wednesday’s DOOL show, Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) stopped by and was horrified to learn Eric agreed to let Nicole host the christening without checking with Sloan Petersen-Brady (Jessica Serfaty) first.

Eric was apologetic about that and explained that there was perhaps a thaw in the tension between Sloan and Nicole based on what he witnessed earlier.

Eric also confessed his hunch that Holly was withholding info about New Year’s Eve, but Marlena hoped the truth could come out soon.

In the town square on Wednesday’s Days episode, Stephanie Johnson (Abigail Klein) checked on Everett Lynch aka Bobby Stein (Blake Berris) and suggested it’d be best for The Spectator to find a new PR firm under the circumstances.

Everett was the one who hired Stephanie, but he encouraged her to stay on board and just work with Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) if she didn’t want to work with Everett directly.

Everett gave Stephanie updates on the weirdness of blocking out any memories of his father, so she recalled how she asked about his dad once.

Since Everett zoned out at the time, Stephanie assumed it was a sensitive subject and never asked again.

Everett also mentioned that Marlena wanted to try hypnotherapy, but he was scared of what he might find out.

Stephanie thought it was clear that Everett did the things Bobby was accused of, but she also thought maybe there was some mitigating factor.

It might help Everett to know that he was truly a different person now, so he saw Stephanie’s point.

Everett also wondered if maybe it was too much to hope that they might have another chance romantically.

Stephanie assured Everett that she wasn’t going to disappear on him since he needed someone to lean on. That said, Stephanie didn’t seem all that hopeful about more than friendship.

However, Stephanie ultimately suggested that nothing was impossible, so that indeed gave Everett some hope as he urged her not to give up on him.

Afterward, Everett ran into Marlena and admitted he had concerns about hypnotherapy, but she explained why it was a good thing and suggested they should move forward.

Back with Stephanie on Wednesday’s Days episode, she caught Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu) trying to avoid her and confronted her about the tense vibe.

Jada confessed that she saw Stephanie as “the other woman,” but Stephanie argued they were both victims. Since Stephanie helped break up her marriage, Jada didn’t have the same perspective.

Stephanie never went digging for the details of Everett’s life, so Jada thought maybe she just didn’t want to screw up her own happiness.

Jada also lashed out over Stephanie giving sympathy to Everett when he was a lying sociopath, so Stephanie was offended over Jada’s tirade.

At St. Luke’s, Eric found Nicole lighting a candle and saying a prayer, so he felt like it was fate and had a confession to make.

Since Eric saw Nicole helping Sloan calm Jude Brady down, it warmed his heart.

It meant a lot to Eric that he could still be friends with Nicole, so they both got emotional as she said their friendship meant a lot to her, too.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Jude’s christening will come with some curveballs, so stick with us for more predictions on all the shocking news ahead.

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