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Dark Secrets Unleashed: Will Katie Expose Claire as The New Villain on The Young And The Restless?

Claire’s familial orbit is about to expand on The Young And The Restless. The latest spoilers reveal that Johnny and Katie return home from boarding during the week of June 17-21, 2024. Victoria and Billy ensure that they meet their new older sister, Claire, as soon as they arrive back home!

the young and the restless spoilers - Katie - Johnny

Now, Claire is nervous yet thrilled to meet her younger siblings, especially since Victoria has assured her that both, Johnny and Katie, will welcome her with open arms.

Unfortunately, the latest Y&R preview video tells a different story. While Johnny does seem pretty okay towards Claire, Katie’s expressions scream trouble!

It is clear from the look on Katie’s face and her body language that she isn’t very receptive of Claire. Now, this could be just because she doesn’t know her yet, or even worse because she knows a lot about Claire!

There is a chance that Katie has done some digging and is aware of what Claire did to the Newmans at the lake house.

She may even be aware of her time at the psych ward. If that’s the case, then it would easily explain why Katie is wary of her new sister. But what’s more troublesome is that she may not be as forgiving and accepting as the Newmans were. Much like Claire’s cousin, Summer, Katie may feel that the family newbie is trouble!

The Young and the Restless spoilers - Katie
Y&R/ Will Katie try to convince Victoria that Claire is trouble?

Y&R spoilers hint that this may push Katie to resent Claire and want her out of the family. She may at first try to convince Victoria to send Claire packing, but we know that won’t work. So, she may resort to the second and a much soapier choice! Some devious scheming!

Katie may decide that if she frames Claire for some horrible crime, it will show everyone that she hasn’t changed at all! Thus, to discredit her sister, the teen may plant some precious stolen object in Claire’s purse or room, and ring the alarms to get her caught! Or, if she is feeling particularly devious, she may even pretend that Claire tried to hurt her!

The young and The restless spoilers - Victoria Claire
Y&R/ Will Victoria continue to trust Claire?

Now, that would certainly stir up some major drama! But will Victoria and the rest of the family buy the story?

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