Young and the Restless

CBS FULL 06-20-2024 | The Young and the Restless Full Episode, Thursday | Y&R Spoilers June 20

In the episode of “The Young and the Restless” on June 20, 2024, Lily plans to deceive Billy into running the company together, with the intention of later undoing the merger, while Tucker accepts defeat and Devon receives a stern warning from Victor about his father’s mental state. Devon and Abby prepare to fly to Paris, with Devon worried about his father and receiving a warning from Victor about Tucker’s unpredictable behavior. In Genoa City, corporate scheming reaches a peak as Lily tries to convince Billy to split the companies, but Billy suspects Lily’s true motives. Claire struggles to integrate with Katie, as their first meeting goes poorly, leaving Claire feeling rejected and worried about her place in the family. Victoria tries to ease the situation, but Katie remains angry, making Claire feel pessimistic about her life for the first time.

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